Letters: Why do we accept this type of cruelty?

I note that the issue of halal meat supplies to schools is to be further discussed by Lancashire County Council, in a week when we learn that electric dog collars are under scrutiny, there are plans to stop puppy sales from pet shops, and a petition is doing the rounds to allow dogs into motorway services so that there is no need to leave them in potentially hot cars.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 31st August 2018, 3:57 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:01 pm
Halal slaughter is cruel says a reader
Halal slaughter is cruel says a reader

We are, quite rightly, a nation of animal lovers, and over the years, many steps have been taken to improve conditions in both agriculture and domestic animal care.

We employ (and as taxpayers pay for) many DEFRA staff to ensure animal welfare, and regularly cases come to court involving cruelty to pets.

Whilst I have never visited a slaughter house, I suspect I can imagine the production line process.

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I enjoy my chicken dinner, a lamb chop, and a nice steak, if I can afford it, content that minimal suffering has taken place due to the stunning of the animals.

What I do find odd is how we as a nation would be up in arms if we saw an animal mistreated in the street, yet are content to accept the practice of halal slaughter where the animals are hung upside down and bled to death, generally in full view of those whose fate is yet to come. Perhaps it’s a case of what the eye doesn’t see, or perhaps it’s deemed racist to object to such cruelty.

It’s good to see that some council members are prepared to take a stand on this issue, and hopefully more can be persuaded to do so.

John Wood

via email

european union

Brexit unmasks modern Britain

From our daily food to essential medicines, it appears we are reliant on the EU countries for our very existence, according to the media.

Many of our energy suppliers, utilities and train services are also owned by foreign companies.

Our imports of billions of pounds worth of BMWs, VWs etc, goes without mention.

Will all this stop when we leave the EU?

I don’t think so!

An indirect consequence of Brexit, but probably the main reason for it, was immigration.

Last week, Migration Watch issued the findings of its study into migration.

It claimed that, from 2001 to 2016, there was an 82 per cent rise in immigration, and they attributed it to: “the arrival of immigrants and, subsequently, their UK-born children”.

Nigel Farage had made this abundantly clear to the ‘authorities’ well before 2016.

This increase has overwhelmed our infrastructure.

Let us now grab this opportunity to repair the damage inflicted on our modern Britain which has been unmasked by all the ‘fall-out’ resulting from leaving the EU.

What an opportunity we now have to rebuild our great enterprises and industries of the past and train enterprising men and women to sell our goods to the EU and the great world beyond.

We must use all our drive and initiative to encourage growth of any new business, large or small.

It would be most gratifying to see us all ‘Buying British’ and spending more of our holidays in the UK.

Why and how Government and ‘big business’ has been allowed to sell off all our ‘family silver’, let alone flog off Britain’s gold bullion reserves, cut-price, to the EU, we will never know .

We must, first and foremost, rebuild our country’s independence so we no longer are reliant on other ‘powers’.

This is the best opportunity for Great Britain since joining the EU in 1973!

Harvey Carter



Come and see the Dollymops

Watching Roisin Pelan and her lovely family and friends receiving a well­ deserved garden makeover from Alan Titchmarsh was so uplifting. Such a positive experience from such a grim illness gives us all hope.

Like Roisin (pictured with partner Michael Brown and Alan Titchmarsh), my group of entertainers, the Dollymops, are doing our best to raise money for Cancer Research UK, as we too have been touched by this relentless disease.

But we believe, like Roisin, if we all do something, no matter how small, there will be more and more breakthroughs in new treatments.

So we are putting on a show – a show full of song and laughter – at Mere Brow Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday, August 31.

There will be some great tombola and raffle prizes and we will be supported by a ukulele band and a first-class magician. There will be a bar. Tickets at £7 can be booked in advance by telephoning me on 01772 812845.

I think we can guarantee everyone a great night out so do come and lend us your support and you too will be doing something by joining us in making the evening a rousing success!

May I pass on all our very good wishes to Roisin and her family and assure them they are in our thoughts.

Anne Wynne-Jones (Dollymops entertainment)