Letters: Millions to be spent ... nothing will change

Re: The proposed second traffic camera for Broughton village.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 5th October 2018, 3:36 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 4:34 am
Broughton bypass
Broughton bypass

Arrgh, what is going on?

After 40 years of waiting for the bypass, are we now to believe that the citizens of Broughton don’t think it’s enough and want no traffic whatsoever?

The fact that Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council cannot make the junction clear to drivers that priorities have changed (similar to the useless signage for the so-called ‘Shared Space’ in Preston), does not mean that all vehicles have to be banned in this draconian way.

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I use the village route to go from Bilsborrow to Woodplumpton.

So when the bypass is clogged up, will I sit in the interminable queue of vehicles trying to get to the useless Broughton interchange?

No. I, like many others, will use Station Road towards Eaves and then over Moons Bridge to Woodplumpton.

Why, oh why, do these road planners not see the obvious consequences of their plans?

None of the bypasses or relief roads built and planned will work simply because of the root cause – the ridiculously out of date Broughton interchange and city centre road system are 60 years out of date.

Millions of pounds will be spent on the Penwortham bypass and the M55 link road, as well as Broughton, and absolutely nothing will have changed.


Yours most annoyed,

Howard Morgan

via email


We must value our sovereignty

Whatever we offer, Brussels will reject now in a childish disrespectful manner.

This puts our back against the wall by them, so do we:

a). Go no deal. Trade world wide. Keep £39bn.

b). Have a second referendum and turn our back on democracy which we’ve preached/supported world wide.

c). Accept whatever they offer and be a major financial payer but minor player in the up-and-coming United States of Europe, mainly influenced by France and Germany. New boy Macron already expressed his opinion of the UK most disrespectfully.

We must value our sovereignty, which so many gave their lives for in two wars.

Brexit sadly has split our country, weakening our position. This must end.

Finally, I do believe all of Europe, at grassroots, wants our exit negotiated peacefully, leaving doors open.

William Gilson



Shale puzzle

As Cuadrilla rushes to frack at Preston New Road, it is perhaps timely to remind ourselves that the Government sanctioned this two years ago after receipt of the Committee on Climate Change Report, The Compatibility of Onshore Petroleum with Meeting the UK’s Carbon Budgets.

This report indicated that shale gas development would blow a hole in the UK’s emissions targets unless it was tightly controlled, and according to three impossible-to-meet criteria.

This matters little if one denies anthropogenic climate change, of course, but the Government claims not to deny this!

Why have we got to this point?

‘Cognitive dissonance’ cannot still be the answer, so cui bono?

Who benefits?

David Cragg-James

via email


Fine should have been paid

Regarding David Beckham, pictured, his escape from justice for speeding – which he admitted – has been bought with the help of his fancy solicitor, but at what cost? Several thousands of pounds I suspect. The speeding fine would probably have been £200/£300, and a disqualification for 12 months.

Anyone else would have to comply with the law. Why is Beckham above the law? In my 55 years of driving, my only offence was driving at 34mph in a 30mph area, for which I was fined £60 and given three points on my licence!

I was guilty as charged and paid the fine, and my letter arrived about 10 days after the incident, telling me no conversation would be entered into except in a courtroom!

Howard Rainbow

Address supplied


Big thank you to supporters

A big thank you to those who attended my tenth annual Macmillan coffee morning on September 28, and also to those who were unable to attend but still took the time to make a donation.

It’s always great to see regular supporters, but equally great to see new faces. A big thank you also to Jan Porter for kindly donating prizes for the raffle. This year we raised £250 for Macmillan Cancer Support. As always, your kindness and support are much appreciated.

Sandra Rolston