Letters: Give public transport back to the public

There has been public outrage across the country '“ including Preston '“ over cuts to bus services.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 31st August 2018, 2:55 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 4:01 pm
Should we nationalise public transport?
Should we nationalise public transport?

Bus companies don’t have to listen and respond as they are commercial services.

Publicly-run services can deliver the routes and timetables communities actually need, including early morning, late night and in more rural areas.

A Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report has just highlighted that a lot of low-skilled manual work is now in manufacturing or warehouses on the edge of towns and cities under-served by public transport.

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Commercial bus companies will maximise profits by just running full buses at peak times on popular routes, with lower demand services gradually disappearing.

It forces people to use cars, adding to congestion and air pollution, while cutting off those who can’t afford a car.

We need clean, safe, accessible, public transport and safer cycling and walking options so people can choose to leave their cars at home.

This would reduce congestion for all road users while improving dangerous air pollution and road safety.

To achieve this, we urgently need to get public transport back under public control with increased investment to improve local bus, rail and tram services.

Bernard Little

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Utter chaos is being caused

Re: Michelle Woodburn’s letter, Plans will damage our rural community (LP August 24). I am in complete agreement with Michelle, regarding her letter saying that the plans for Goosnargh would damage the community.

Preston and surrounding councils are way ahead of their house building commitments.

Indeed not a few hundred yards is the promised development on Whittingham, which strangely isn’t moving ahead very fast.

This area was once an extremely busy hub in itself and the planned housing already exceeds what is appropriate for a small community.

Have any of these people ever tried to proceed towards Bushells Farm? Have they seen what a traffic problem it already is without the piecemeal developments that have popped up there?

The access required onto this very minor road would have a huge impact.

Once again, these council members haven’t a clue when it comes to planning.

You only have to look at Broughton and Cottam to see what utter chaos is being caused at these construction sites.

Infrastructure... don’t make me laugh.

However it seems to be okay to waste millions on“making Broughton a pleasant place”. Then possibly give permission to construct what can only be described as a car showroom at the former lights.




Pirates of democracy

As one of the ‘majority’ in this country who voted to leave the EU in June 2016, I believe we must never allow those ‘pirates of democracy’ to overthrow the decision of that majority. The very strong feeling from most people in my part of the world (outside ‘The Bubble’) was for Great Britain to once again become a totally independent country so we can:

Control immigration and defend our borders;

Stop paying the EU vast amounts of money to run our country for us;

Promote our British culture and way of life;

'Do business’ with any country we choose and finally;

To take back control of our laws and the judiciary, fishing, farming etc.

Not once did ‘the majority’ show alarm or terror at all the false propaganda concerning the economy or job losses. Or even the end of the world announced by those in high positions , the very wealthy and big business – all of whom had much to gain by staying in the EU.

If these very wealthy and powerful groups did somehow manage to reverse the result, by forcing a second referendum, it would be the end of democracy in this country. If this did indeed happen, Britain would be seen as weak and a laughing stock by the rest of the world.

We would be ‘putty’ in Brussel’s hands and they could demand ANYTHING from us and command us to participate in ALL their future ventures, such as an EU army. God forbid!

Harvey Carter



Trump’s not our President

I have recently been a victim of an ailment – Trumpitis. I refer to the blanket coverage about Donald Trump. He is President of the USA, not the UK, and the issue of his presidency is for Americans to resolve. They will decide whether to give him a second term, not the media here.

M K O’Sullivan

via email