Letters and emails on May 6, 2011

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Friday, 6th May 2011, 9:12 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 10:46 am

I write after reading reading your report about objections to the proposed development of a further supermarket in Penwortham, by Sainsburys. Particular concern was raised about the increase in traffic that will ensue. If such a scheme was to be be considered favourably by South Ribble Council, it should be clearly stated that approval will only be given subject to the following stipulation... That Sainsburys pay for the completion of the long overdue Penwortham Bypass. Peter, Hutton (full name and address supplied)

Zoo celebrates a gorilla thrilla

Tomorrow, Blackpool Zoo is celebrating the first birthday of the first-ever critically-endangered Western Lowland Gorilla to be born at the zoo. Meisie, which is Afrikaans for '˜baby girl', came into the world overnight a year ago and was found by keepers suckling from proud new mum Miliki. Her father is the zoo's resident silverback gorilla Bukavu. As the birth was uncomplicated and Miliki took to the role of mother straight away we have not needed to become involved and the whole process from birth to now has been completely natural, which is perfect. Meisie has positively flourished and is a very confident and inquisitive. She began to walk at around six months and is now climbing on the ropes and easily reaching the different levels in the gorilla house. A special birthday party will be held tomorrow. Celebrations will kick off at 11am and visitors will also be invited to enter a draw to win an exclusive behind the scenes tour to meet either the gorillas or lemurs. A specially crafted birthday cake will be given to Meisie at 12.30pm, followed by edible gifts, which will be thrown into the paddock at 1.30pm. The education team will also be holding public talks to explain how Meisie has developed and increase awareness about the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums Ape Campaign, for which Blackpool Zoo is raising money throughout 2011. Western Lowland Gorillas are critically endangered in the wild as the threat from humans and deforestation continues to grow in their African homelands. Charlotte Pennie, Senior Primate Keeper, Blackpool Zoo

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Libya is such a grave mistake

Does anyone know what the UK is doing in Libya, where we are going and what will be the outcome? There is less justification for this conflict than there was for invading Iraq, which was run by a far more ruthless and dangerous dictator in Saddam Hussein. He killed far more of his own people, attacked Kuwait and refused to give UN weapons inspectors unrestricted access. Plus, when we attacked Iraq, we were not balancing on the edge of an economic crisis, cutting vital services and thousands of jobs. Gaddafi, for some time, has stopped supporting world terrorism, arming the IRA and blowing up airlines. He has allowed weapons inspectors a free hand. What is the message the West is now sending to belligerent dictators? It is that if you renounce terrorism and be more co-operative, beware, because given half a chance, we will attack you far harder than when you were an axis of evil. Far more people are being killed in other dictator-ruled nations but we do not intervene. Other Middle East dictators, knowing we are tied down in Libya, are now escalated their slaughter of protesters. Gaddafi, for several weeks, did not attack the rebel strongholds. But then Britain and our allies jump in to encourage the freedom fighters '“ not to defend their home towns, but to advance against a well-equipped army causing many more people to die. Our Government's mission is dangerously escalating, way beyond the restrictive UN mandate. We are sending troops to assist Libyan freedom fighters. If it is taking years to train Afghan troops how long will it take to train Libyan civilians to be effective soldiers? The chance for a cease fire in Libya is diminishing unless the UN steps in.. Also, like in Bosnia and Kosovo we are inflaming old tribal hatreds withn the possibility of long term civil war and more death and misery. Peter Ward, Cottam, via e-mail

Harry and Vi were champions

I imagine readers of a certain vintage will be interested in the photo I have dug out for Looking Back (above). It was taken in about 1950. I cannot remember the exact date but I was 16 at the time and am 77 now. The occasion was the annual Press ballroom dance competition held at the old Preston Public Hall. The couple on the the right are the man and wife dance instructors and champion dancers, Harry and Vi Farnworth,. Sadly, they are no longer with us. They ran their own dance classes at St Jude's Church Hall, which was on St Paul's Road, Preston. I am the young girl seated second from the left. The lady on the far left was Vi Farnworth's sister. I recalls that the competition winners that night were a couple called Sid and Edna Duffield. Sheila Metcalfe, Warwick Road, Walton-le-Dale.

Business getting fitter via Twitter

As the fever surrounding social media continues unabated, such as the massive publicity that accompanied Twitter's fifth anniversary last month, it's great to see that it's not just the trendy advertising agencies in London benefiting from these new communications channels. Local businesses are taking slow economic growth to task by using social media platforms to become more competitive and engage with customers. In a recent poll we found that social media usage is actually higher in Liverpool than in London, showing just how savvy local businesses are becoming. At least 35% of businesses in Liverpool, for example, are using social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to communicate, provide customer service, recruit and advertise. Twitter is the most popular form of social networking for businesses. Social media provides businesses with invaluable market insight by giving them a direct portal to their customers needs. By taking full advantage of online networks, businesses can get one up on their competitors, both locally and globally. Ed Critchley, Head of Business Markets, North West, Virgin Media Business.