Jamie Oliver’s Superfoods – that’s so 2015

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Not a present has been opened, no turkeys stuffed nor crackers pulled, yet it seems that some people are already done with 2015.

As people begin to wind down from work, choruses of ‘see you in 2016’ have begun to ring out from offices, with thoughts turned to the fast-approaching new year.

But while many people are looking forward, I’ve noticed this week that there are also lots keen to look back on the last 12 months.

‘Best of 2015’ lists have been springing up everywhere – from top 10 songs and movies, to most memorable moments and well-loved personalities. Well, I suppose it is the time of year for making a list – and checking it twice.

My personal favourite – unsurprisingly for this self-confessed food lover – was the ‘top tastes’ of the year, with Google providing information on the most searched for food-terms of 2015.

The results bring good news, and prove that us Brits are more interested in healthy food than ever. Hoorah!

‘Jamie Oliver’s superfoods’ made it in the mix, while ‘Deliciously Ella’ or ‘Ella Woodward recipes’ – this year’s most popular food columnist and health food blogger – took the top spot.

If it wasn’t for that little minx Mary Berry, sharing details of all her Great British bakes, we may have been even more slim line as a nation – but the temptress proved too much for us all and claimed fourth spot.

Pancake recipes, a good ol’ traditional spag bol, and carrot cake also made the cut, with ‘eat well for less’ the fifth most searched for phrase.

It would be interesting to know how the shortlist would have shaped up had it focused solely on the Stansfield household.

While I would love to say (by which I mean lie) that I’ve been most concerned with superfoods and health blogs this year, I think the most searched for phrases on my Google account would be more along the lines of ‘what can you make with eggs, feta, pepper and an old bag of spinach?’ (FYI the answer is a half-decent frittata, if you were wondering), ‘will I die if I eat chicken that’s been in the fridge for longer than a week?’ (possibly – I didn’t dare try) and ‘how many avocados can one eat a day before she can stop referring to them as ‘healthy fats’? (I’m holding firm at two).

And of course, failing all that, phone number for the nearest takeaway.’