'It's convenient not to think of conservation'

It amazes me that Donald Trump is still in denial as regards global warming, even when America's own scientists have proven that it is already here '“ surely the raging fires in California give testament to that?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th November 2018, 5:03 pm
Updated Friday, 30th November 2018, 6:10 pm
A correspondent writes about the environment
A correspondent writes about the environment

However, his attitude is nothing remarkable given that the rest of the world is in denial, too. The Brazilian rainforests are being devastated by illegal logging, yet nothing is done by their government. Our seas are polluted by plastics and our countryside turned into barren wastelands without a hedge in sight, and yet we have people protesting that they do their bit by recycling and buying electric cars and do everything they can to preserve nature.Yet a majority of those same people become hypocrites when it comes to everyday life and how it affects them personally.Those that profess to be shocked at the amount of rubbish in our seas and our countryside, highlighted by Sir David Attenborough, nevertheless happily fly tip or drop plastic water bottles or litter in our streets, and then we have those who insist that our precious oxygen-giving trees be felled or pollarded because autumn leaves are a tiresome inconvenience.Then, of course, we have the trillions of tonnes of polluting fuel vapour tossed into the atmosphere by millions of aeroplanes flying over us each day, and yet Heathrow is expanding its runways to allow more and more deadly fumes gas us.Yet does anyone really want to halt this madness? Of course not, because it is inconvenient. Let’s face it – the world is in a mess, and I have no doubt that even when judgement day arrives, we will still have warring parties in the Middle East still battling away fully intent on killing each other. Madness, utter madness! Rome and Emperor Nero spring to mind, don’t you think? Karl SheridanAddress supplied

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local economyWe can be proud of cityAs a proud Prestonian, I read the very informative article in last Saturday’s LP, regarding Preston Council’s innovative approach to generating a strategic economic success (LP November 24).I wish to convey my congratulations to the council, and in particular to Coun Matthew Brown, for his determined endeavours to seek alternative economic models and his ability to convince his council colleagues and their progressive strategic partners to develop their innovative vision.The author of the innovative article also spotlights the valuable contribution of the University of Central Lancashire in supporting the council through their academic and practical resources.It is clear that UCLAN has incrementally grown its knowledge skills and influence locally, nationally and increasingly enjoys prestige internationally.The good news about Preston Council’s success, working cohesively in partnership with key others, sharply contrasts with the national picture of uncertainty, bickering and inflated egos of the national politicians. The stewardship of Preston’s leaders is a cause for local people to celebrate and be proud of. It augers well for a positive future for the citizens of Preston.Malcolm Rae OBE FulwoodenvironmentOverhanging tree a dangerRe: Calls for lopping of ‘out of control’ tree (at the junction of Starrgate Drive and Ashtongate, pictured). I read this story with interest. The residents concerned are now being supported by a local councillor (LP November 23).I have, for the last two years, had a problem with a tree which overhangs my drive, a public footpath and my house. The tree is the council’s responsibility.Broken branches of various sizes have fallen on to the public footpath and my own drive throughout the year. The footpath is used by children going to school and my drive is also used by my grandaughter. The gutters are also full of leaves at this time of the year.The branches that break off are an accident waiting to happen and I have expressed my concerns to the council to no avail.Whilst trees are routinely taken down to facilitate new housing, the above mentioned, which potentially could hurt someone, is overlooked.Mike Goldfarbvia emailremembrancePeople gave so generouslyI must express my sincere thanks to the people of Longridge and District,who gave so generously to our collecting tins and buckets. The churches, schools and the local organisations of Longridge, Goosnargh, Chipping, Grimsargh, Knowle Green and Ribchester have held special events and collections to raise money for the Royal British Legion. I would also like to thank my band of volunteers for happily giving up their time to help raise money for the cause. Many thanks to the supermarkets and shops for allowing us to sell the poppies on their premises and a big thank you to our vicar, Rev Mike Barton, for letting us have the use of the Eckton Room. May I add a big thanks to the management and staff at Sainsbury’s for their help counting and banking the money raised. The total raised in the area is £14,936.94. Very well done.Bill HoughtonPoppy Appeal Organiser