It’s time to roll out a robot about the house

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Man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done. Source unknown.

Unknown to me that is. But whoever first penned the phrase was on to something. Well, aside from the sun to sun bit. Not sure that’s the case for all men these days. But the woman’s work - spot on.

Not one to enjoy a moan (okay, occasionally) but it’s been one of those weeks when the daily takes of life seem never ending.

Ten hour working day followed by a run home (who has time for the gym?) laundry in, dinner on, vacuum cleaning done, bathroom cleaned, dinner eaten, ironing attempted (more often than not unsuccessfully) laundry put away and bag packed for the next day, ready to do it all over again. And this from a childless city dweller living in a one-bed apartment. What do families do with children to look after, dogs to walk and houses to maintain? God only knows. Well, the big man and a large percentage of the population.

It was in my worn out state that a certain advert shown on Channel Four caught my attention this week.

Persona Synthetics. A new company offering the services of a robot servant.

A very human looking robot servant I hasten to add - described as ‘creepy’ by those commenting on social networks - who could complete all your daily chores. Cooking, cleaning, even putting the kids to bed - all jobs taken care of.

And at the end of the day, just switch them off and store in the garage, charged up and ready for another day of work.

Unbelievable, yes? So I thought, until a new store front appeared on Regent Street, seemingly ready to start selling these cyborg helpers.

A website and an ebay page dedicated to the company was also found to be in existence, and so the excitement grew.

Could it be? Had the future we’ve been promised in countless sci-fi tales finally become a reality?

Alas, I’m afraid not. Tricked by TV again.

In fact the whole scheme was a clever promo - a very clever promo if you ask this sucker - for an upcoming series about a parallel-present world where wealthy humans hire robots to take over the running of their house.

Let’s wait and see how the show plays out. A happy ending, and maybe we’ll be needing that that shop after all.

I’ll get my order in now...