It’s never too hot for us summer babies

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“Ooh, I like it hot, but not this hot. This is too hot.”

How many times have you heard those words uttered in the past few days?

We Brits have been able to partake in one of our favourite pastimes this week: complaining about the weather.

Usually bemoaning the wind and rain that all too often sweeps across our isles, we get excited when that one week of summer finally arrives, and we can change the monotonous tone of our moaning to one with a slightly different beat.

I can’t breathe it’s so hot.

Oh, much too warm to go outside.

How can we work in such conditions?

I particularly like the latter, and am all for a ruling that says when the thermometer reaches 30 we should all head to the parks and beaches.

Yours truly is actually one of the few who’s enjoying the sunshine.

A real summer baby, it takes a lot for me to utter the words ‘too hot’. A bowl of soup perhaps. Or cup of coffee. But never the weather.

London warmer than Barcelona, Athens and Ibiza?

Bring it on.

Hottest July day on record? Fantastic!

We pay hundreds of pounds to experience a little heat abroad – if we can get it for free at home, what’s there to complain about?

This year’s good weather began at the perfect time for me, with the sun showing itself for the first of a four-day birthday celebration.

A weekend in Cambridge was top of the list of surprises from The Boy, and the university town did not disappoint.

A hot Saturday in June, it seemed oddly quiet until we reached the river, and realised that every resident, student and visitor was in line for a punt.

Ah, always liking to be different, here’s the one thing I don’t like about hot weather – the expectation that you want to spend all your time on the water.

High on the list of my irrational fears – of which one hates to admit there are many – I’m not too good around water.

And a river packed full of people attempting to punt for the first time, using boats like dodgems and bridges and banks like pinball cushions – well, that pushed me over the edge.

To be more precise, it pulled me far, far away from the edge, and into a wine bar set high up on dry land.

After all, it’s important to stay 
hydrated during a heatwave.