It’s a nice week for a White Island wedding

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As you take in this week’s ramblings, dear reader, picture me, cocktail in hand, a golden tan (hopefully), and surrounded by my best friends, as we wave goodbye to yet another one of our group; one more former cheerleader lost to the ‘Mrs’ label.

Yes, we’re all off to sunny Spain for a wedding in the sunshine!

One out of every four couples chooses to tie the knot abroad, citing it being less costly and a lot less stressful than doing it on home soil.

Then there’s the weather, you’re almost guaranteed wall to wall sunshine, plus, you can be that bit more selective with your guests - luckily for me, I passed the test.

And with almost 50 wedding guests jetting out, we’re all stretching a week out of what would usually be a one-day celebration. Sure, it may have cost a little bit more than the usual wedding present but hey, what are friends for?! I do draw the line at carrying questionable substances across borders though.

On receiving a What’sApp image from the bride-to-be earlier this week, I thought she may have been pushing the limits of friendship to the next level. What I saw on opening the attachment was what can only be described as white powder in little plastic sachets.

“Do you mind putting some of these in your case,” she asked, “only we’re running out of room for everything.” Well... I’m not sure what my response was but I’m sure it wasn’t polite. Thankfully, I was only being asked to transport sand (why we can’t just pilfer the beach when we’re there I don’t know?) to be put into table decorations, but still... I’m not sure I like her that much to do porridge while she cruises into the sunset on her honeymoon!

Besides, I’ve all this to come.

All the while my other half and I have been blissfully enjoying being engaged for the past eight months, what we haven’t enjoyed is the constant pressure to set a date for the “Big Day” (why does it always have to be BIG, why can’t we do small, or even medium...we haven’t decided)

Parents, aunties, siblings, friends, everyone wants to know our plans. Will it be in my hometown or his, what kind of dress are you looking for, who will be your bridesmaids..the list goes on.

We’ve been so resistant to actually circling a date on the calendar that on our return from Ibiza three weeks ago, we were told everyone had expected us to jump the broom there and not let anybody know!

If only we’d thought of that...