"I’m covering my face next time I go in" : Your reaction to Asda denying they are using facial recognition cameras

Cameras that focus on the faces of shoppers are being trialled at Asda stores around the country, including Blackpool and Preston – sparking privacy concerns.

Saturday, 13th July 2019, 1:56 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th July 2019, 2:56 pm
The CCTV cameras are able to place green boxes around faces when captured.

But bosses insist the facial detection software does not log personal data and is merely used to enhance image quality and deter thieves.

Those entering the store now see a bright green square around their heads on TV screens, leading to concern and anger from some customers.

However, rather than tracking customers or scanning faces, Asda said the software works to focus the image – in much the same was as a digital camera or mobile phone would – and improve image quality. No further data, beyond the CCTV image itself, is stored, the firm added.

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The CCTV cameras are able to place green boxes around faces when captured.

This is how you have reacted to cameras:

"We were there yesterday and they had this up. I was confused to why it scans your face as you walk in. You can see it scanning your face as you enter the store."

Rosie Lloyd

"I’m covering my face next time I go in. I’ve not done anything wrong but I haven’t given my consent so they can go swivel."

Vicky McGuire

"If it keeps shop lifters at bay and our food prices down who cares."

Joanne Fisher

"When someone is banned from every store how do asda and other stores recognise them? Is this how they do it? Always wondered when I see news of shoplifters being barred."

Adele Shaw

"Don't see a problem with it as long as there is a warning, if it works against shop lifters"

Mark White

"Good idea. All for it. If you don't do wrong no worries."

Dawn Gibbs

"It homes in on all faces on the security screen when you walk in, I noticed the green squares a while ago"

Meg Mortimer

"Nothing to hide, then nothing to fear!"

Chanel Whalley

"What is the problem? More political correctness loads of claims going in for invasion of privacy. If you are doing nothing wrong then their is nothing to worry about."

Dave Nelson

"I hate this store, feel its a total invasion of my privacy. I'm not a criminal and feel treated like one in this store."

Leigh Maria Ryan

"So what if it scans your face and records what you look like? Normal CCTV does this. When it goes into my wallet and secretly removes my drivers licence to put a name to my face then I’ll be bothered. Relax, effective facial recognition is miles off."

Danny Cassidy

" At the end if the day if crime can be prevented by having better images of the perpetrator, how is that a bad thing."

Sue Moffat