I’m ready for whatever the weather will bring

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Another weekend brings with it another trip, and once again the suitcase is set out ready to be packed

This week’s occasion? A wedding ceremony in bonnie Scotland, sandwiched between two days of pre and post event activities.

While I enjoy trips within the UK, they always throw up something of a challenge... what to pack.

While one can attempt to transport their entire wardrobe on the 10.38 from Kings Cross, it’s not always practical.

But when sun, showers and sleet could all be experienced on the same day, it makes nailing that capsule weekend wardrobe a little more difficult, and fitting it in an overnight bag almost impossible.

For this reason I read with interest tips from a ‘professional packer’ this week. Apparently that’s a real job. Who knew?

From my extensive research, it would appear that there are two schools of thought; one, the roll method, and two, the fold.

The only time I’ve gone with the former was when packing for a three-month stint at a summer camp in the USA, when Momma S and I would spend an afternoon squeezing 30 T-shirts, shorts, sundresses and sandals into one backpack. Lesson one: mothers will not be defeated by baggage allowance.

But aside from those special circumstances, more often than not I’m a folder. The method favoured by my pro, who learned his skills as a parachute packer in the army.

Training sounds tough for those guys.

Trousers should be folded with tissue paper, while suit jackets can be stuffed to avoid creasing, he teaches. Shoes go in shower caps. Belts are to be wrapped round the outside of the suitcase, and underwear stuffed in shoes.

Oh-oh, best take them back out of the shower cap then. Cardboard can be used to keep shirts neatly folded, and clothes put in plastic bags to avoid creasing.

Sounds like a lot of hard work.

When all is laid out ready, contents should be put in the following order: jackets, cocktail dresses, skirts and tops then shoes on top.

This differed from other advice I found, shoes in first, roll up clothes, squeeze them in the spaces in between. Jobs a good ’un.

That’s the how sorted, now just need to worry about what to pack.

Dress, sandals, cardigan, wellingtons, sunglasses and umbrella should do it. Take that weather. Me and my overnight bag are ready for you. Crease-free.