I’m a sucker for a long soak...ALONE!

Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post
Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post
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I’m a caring sharing type of person.

I’ll share my sweets with you; if I’ve money in my pocket, I’ll gladly share that and unless I’ve been sworn to secrecy, I’ll happily share a titbit of juicy gossip.

But the one thing that’s sacrosanct as far as I’m concerned is I’ll NEVER share is my bathwater.

Having a long hot soak in the bath is my guilty pleasure and if I can spare the time, my relaxation of choice is to while away the hours in a scorching hot bubble filled bath preferably with a good book and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps as my companions.

When I’m talking about my reticence to share bathwater, I don’t have an aversion to couples choosing to share a bath together in a romantic canoodling type of way by getting in the tub at the same time.

That is absolutely fine … as long as you both possess small enough backsides to fit into the bath at the same time.

And you have to have similar temperature needs when it comes to the water. It’s been a while since Hubby and I shared a bath – namely because I love my baths so sweltering that I come out red as a lobster while Hubby is a wimp who squeals: “Oh that’s far too hot, it’s burning me!” when the water is anything more than tepid.

To be honest, like a lot of men, Hubby isn’t really a bath person and prefers a shower instead for a quick and easy cleanse. If he had his way, we’d replace our bath with a walk-in shower cubicle. But I’ve warned him, if the bath goes, I go. So far, the bath is still standing.

While snuggling in the bath together is perfectly acceptable, it’s the double dipping secondhand sharing of bathwater that I find completely revolting.

Some people shudder at the prospect of baths and describe them as “stewing in your own filth”.

Apart from the fact that I really am not that dirty and I wallow in fragranced bath bombs or bubble bath thank you very much, it certainly beats the thought of submerging in someone else’s dirt.

Most of us shared a bath with a sibling when we were younger, but I certainly never did the thing where one person has a bath, then LEAVES the plug in so another member of the family can soak in their used bathwater.

But a conversation I was having this week with my colleagues revealed that not only did some people do this practice in their younger years, there are people who STILL do this.

Now, I’m not usually a judgemental person, but 

Why would anyone want to do such a thing?

Quite aside from the grossness of soaking in bits of someone else’s dead skin, for someone who likes their 
water almost scalding, the bathwater just wouldn’t be hot enough.

In fact, although I know it isn’t very cost or environmentally conscious of me, but the way I have a bath is to keep constantly topping up the hot water so I can stay in there even longer. And then I have a shower afterwards.

It was partly down to this bath habit of mine that the Day household recently took the plunge and installed a new boiler system.

Due to the fact that our children are now older and enjoy long showers themselves, Hubby and I were finding that a full water tank wasn’t proving to be enough for all four of us and the last one in the family in would end up with a cold shower.

Forget any thought of having a bath, I would jump in the shower hoping there’d be enough hot 
water to wash out the shampoo from my hair.

This, coupled with the fact that our conventional boiler was on its last legs, made us bite the bullet and invest in a combi boiler instead.

I know we’re rather later to the party as some people have had combis for years, but it’s absolutely brilliant.

Hot water on tap – literally – for as long as you like with no worries about waiting for it to heat up or that it will run out.

It was while I was extolling the virtues of our new combi at work that someone said: “Oh yeah, do you remember those old boilers where you used to have to wait an hour for the water to heat up. Hahaha.”

“Yes.” I thought to myself. “I remember it very well as it was last week.”

One colleague then started telling us about how his dad used to go mad if they 
ever put the immersion on as it was too costly and somehow we got talking about sharing bathwater and hopping in one after the other into the same water.

Yes, I know we all go swimming in pools with other people, but getting in used bathwater – yuk!

You’re not going to get clean, just coat yourself in someone else’s dirt.

The downside to our super duper new boiler is that limitless hot water means my bathtimes could get even longer as I know I can keep topping up the hot water infinitely.

When I now announce I’m off to have a bath, Hubby fears he may not see me again for days.

Well, now I’ve finished writing this column, I think I’ll treat myself to a pampering bath … I may be a while.

And I’m not sharing it with anyone.