How does it feel to treat research like you do

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Almost a decade ago ‘researchers’ (and I use the term lightly down to the apparent lack of any kind of evidence) declared the third Monday of January to be the most depressing day of the year.

Bad weather, debt and tiresome work routines culminated in making us the most miserable at this time.

Not any more, so it would seem.

In the high speed world we find ourselves living in, Blue Monday has fast forwarded a few weeks, and now hits us all on the first Monday of this month.

So, if you weren’t feeling down at the beginning of the week, congratulations, it passed you by. If you were, well hurrah, the worst is over!

But what prompted the change?

Social networking tells us (and should we, would we trust any other source these days?) that we complain the most on the first Monday after the Christmas and New Year break.

We begrudge having to get up early for work, we complain about being tired, and we could all do with ‘just a few more days.’

Records show we tweet about feeling guilty (there go those new year’s resolutions) five times more than on any other day of the year.

And, according to one national newspaper, it is even the most popular day of the year to begin divorce proceedings. De-press-ing.

But not as depressing as being the poor sap who returned from the festive holidays to be tasked with trawling through the nation’s Tweets to find evidence of what he or she already knew from the moment they checked their tasks for the day.

However, it is worth noting that these recent findings were revealed by a drinks company trying to flog a protein shake which, naturally, would help you banish the seasonal blues. And the former research was commissioned by a travel company.

What better way to escape the misery than by hopping on a plane and relaxing in warmer climes? Cynical, me? Never.

Whether the research is legit or not, I must say that yours truly skipped the sorrow this year.

In fact, one was more in the pink than saddled with the blues on Monday morning after a particularly lovely weekend with The Boy’s extended family, and kept the good mood going with an evening run. Take that Twitter, no guilt here.

Monday blues? Not this week at least.