Holding keys to Number 10?

What a difference a year makes!

Tuesday, 26th September 2017, 10:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th September 2017, 10:37 am

Just 12 months ago, Labour were assembling for their annual conference in what appeared to be a chronic state of gloom, despondency and pessimism.

Now, this week they are gathering for their 2017 conference in a mood so jubilant and hopeful they could be heading for the sunlit uplands of Government, a prospect which last year seemed an impossible goal.

And they could be right.

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What is more, they should be offering heartfelt thanks to Theresa May for the buoyancy they are now experiencing. The Prime Minister’s ill-judged and (for the Tories) disastrous general election call, merely served to uplift Labour’s spirits.

Labour went into that election fearful Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left leadership would deter prospective Labour supporters in huge numbers, and that the outcome would find them vanquished and flat on their backs.

But to everyone’s astonishment, the reverse was the case.

Corbyn conducted an impressive campaign and was a hit with the hitherto untapped power of the youth vote.

Jeremy became the hero of the hour and ensconced himself even more firmly in the leadership, while Theresa had to accept her gamble had badly misfired and that the Tories had lost their overall Commons majority.

Corbyn has proclaimed Labour is now the mainstream political party and he will no doubt be acclaimed at their conference.

But he should beware.

There are plenty of orthodox non-left wing Labour MPs and activists who deplore the threats of the Momentum faction to get rid of those members who do not toe the party line.

So there remains plenty of scope for backbench problems to confront Corbyn.

It may seem now that he is holding the key to the front door of Number 10 – but it would be wise for him to stop bragging about it.