Hold the burgers – just get the bottles in

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Have you heard? We’re expecting a dry summer this year.

Fantastic, I thought, reading the message from a friend. Enough of the rain already.

Though a little surprised that she felt the need to text and tell me so. Was I missing something?

Then the girls at work started a similar conversation, but this time I didn’t have to sense a tone. I could see the dismay etched on their faces.

“We better make the most of it while we can ladies.”

Now I really was confused.

Thank goodness for Momma S, who always tells it like it is: “There’s a shortage of Prosecco! Stock up while you can!”

Ahh, I see. That kind of dry.

First world problem, yes, but the news that last year’s harvests were down by up to 50 per cent in some regions has hit us ladies hard.

It’s summer for goodness sake. What’s after-work drinks, picnics in the park and BBQs in the back garden without a flute of your favourite tipple?

We Brits have taken the sparkling drink to heart in recent years, with sales of the Italian answer to Champagne rising by 75 per cent in the last 12cmonths. Yours truly has certainly added to that statistic, with Prosecco becoming the drink of choice for most social occasions.

Why? Well firstly, who doesn’t feel better with a glass of bubbles in hand? It seems far more elegant to be sipping from a flute, rather than guzzling from a glass. And though the real stuff – a glass of champers – is in theory always preferable, in reality the budget can’t stretch that far on a weekly basis.

And there’s something about popping a cork – even if it is an £8.99 version from M&S – that makes any occasion feel that bit more special.

So can you imagine a summer without it? Sacré bleu!

But fear not, the latest news is more promising.

A different drinks expert (how I would love that job title) has come forward to tell us all to stop worrying. Rather than the harvests, it’s UK retailers who have temporarily failed us, not stocking up enough during last season.

Something of an oversight, considering that one in five bottles of Prosecco are bought in the UK, totalling around 60 million items.

Following the laws of supply and demand, we may be forced to fork out a little more for our fizz until stocks are replenished.

But that’s a price this girl is willing to pay. Hold the burgers – just get the bottles in please.