Harriet should have been a contender

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Why on earth did Harriet Harman not stand for the leadership of the Labour Party? She would easily outshine the dull and unimpressive bunch now fighting for the crown.

Harman has been acting leader since Ed Miliband scuttled off after the party’s general election defeat on May 7.

And she has shown herself to be far more than a mere adequate stand-in. She has coped well with David Cameron during Commons exchanges, which is more than Miliband ever did.

She has demonstrated, too, that this will be – to use her own expression – a “grown-up” Opposition, that will not necessarily vote against every single Government proposal – purely because it is Tory.

But, alas, she has had to backtrack somewhat in the face of outrage from many thoughtless Labour MPs who ridiculously believe that every dot and comma of Conservative policy must be opposed, irrespective of its merit or otherwise.

It remains a mystery why Harman, who is such a fervent campaigner for women to be at the top, did not throw her hat into the ring.

Meanwhile, some of the candidates themselves appear to be in a state of shock over the advances that hard-line left-winger Jeremy Corbyn has made during the campaign.

Some have said that if he wins they would not serve under him and also that they would not appoint him into a post in their own shadow Cabinet.

How foolish and embarrassed now must those short-sighted MPs be feeling who helped to nominate Corbyn on the grounds that all wings of the party should have their say in this campaign?

Did it not occur to these dunderheads that the way to stop the hard left from getting a foothold would have been not to nominate him in the first place? Apparently not. What chumps they are!

Just a reminder, if one were needed, of the profligacy of the European Union. Brussels is apparently spending £2m on a fine dinner service, complete with crystal glassware, silver cutlery and fine bone china to host banquets for visiting dignitaries.

What stopped them from going to Poundland?