Happy to be back at work

Ric Clark
Ric Clark
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Dad-ot-two Ric, who has been battling cancer, tells us how he attended a fundraising night out and has now gone back to work full-time.

Last week was good, this week was even better.

The Avastin treatment went well last week and on Thursday we went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the cinema as a treat for the boys.

I had an appointment with the psychologist on Friday and that was really good, I feel as though I can be honest with her.

At the weekend we spent some time with the boys before dropping them off at the grandparents on Saturday afternoon. Emma and Dan were visiting again, but tonight the four of us, along with our friends Laura and Lee, were going to the Winter Wonderland organised by Emma Grandison’s friends.

The charity event was to raise money for two charities, Rosemere Cancer Foundation and the Neo-Natal Unit at Royal Preston Hospital. It was a formal evening and we all dressed up for the event and had some champagne before going out.

It was an excellent night and the venue was all dressed up and it was very seasonal. We had some delicious food, before the raffle and charity auction.

The event raised almost £10,000 and we had a great nigh; while the drinks flowed we danced and laughed the evening away.

While I was there I managed to have a quick chat with Emma. She is doing fantastically well considering the treatment she is currently undergoing.

I also got to speak to another friend that I have made through Emma and chemo, Sharon. She had some fantastic news; she had recently been told that she was in remission. This is great news, another friend beating cancer!

The following day, after having a full cooked breakfast, we went to Barton Grange to meet the grandparents and collect the boys.

While we were there we bought some new plants and some food. We had a nice afternoon and in the evening I went to church for the All Souls Memorial Service.

My mum, dad and sister were also there and we remembered my grandparents and brother.

I thought about David, who died over eight years ago and although it is very different to what has happened recently, I consider that I was very lucky in being diagnosed early and having the right treatment.

On the other hand, David was unlucky in not being diagnosed with Pneumonia early on and his treatment began too late, it is unfortunate and he is missed by us all.

After having a week off for half term, I started back at work full time on Monday and I feel glad that I can now finally do a full day and week at work.

It’s busy with a big ongoing project but I like it and prefer it this way, rather than not having anything to focus on.

As part of the Sports and Social committee, we started planning the diary for next year and I thought about actually how close to the end of the year we are and looking back at this whirlwind of a year, it just seems to have been so quick, it has passed by much quicker than I thought it would do back in January when I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

I honestly thought it would be a long, hard road, but for me personally it has been a relatively smooth and flat road.

There have been bumps along the way, but I would say I have coped pretty well with them all. It has now been over nine months since my diagnosis and almost five months since my surgery to remove my stomach and tumour. It feels as though all of it has happened to someone else.

I have another good weekend to look forward to: I will be judging cakes at the Rosemere Cake Off on Saturday at Penwortham Community Centre and on Sunday is Oscar’s sixth birthday, another busy weekend, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.