Get your big coat: it's snowed

You need your big coat
You need your big coat
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Safe to say us northerners have had the last word this wintry spell with the Beast from the east relegated to the Fluffy Bunny from afar via a tongue-in-cheek onslaught on our rather less hardened southern counterparts.

It’s not true of course.

It only took a snowflake and a gust of wind to send even our best northern keyboard warriors into a frenzy of ‘battling to work’ through slightly cold conditions and ‘skiing’ on one millimetre of snow and for all our transport options to grind to a halt.

But somehow the southerners managed to have it so much worse .

Those from south of Watford have practically played into our hands, providing more grist to the mills of the north as #snowlondon trended on Twitter with pics of ‘southern softy’ workers scurrying past slightly white-tipped trees and pathetic snow flurries reminiscent of summer in Moscow.

Inevitably as the north/south divide snow war played out it gave spawn to meme after meme on social media - distributed by snowed-in northerners with nothing better to do.

You need your big coat

You need your big coat

The most widely-distributed declared ‘Weather warning: Southerners are urged not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Northerners you will need your big coat.’

Meanwhile, photographs of hard-bitten northerners defying weather surfaced including the man de-icing planes at Manchester airport in his shorts, the postman from Lancaster also in his best short trousers and socks and not forgetting the family not quite so snowed in that they couldn’t light a barbeque in the back garden, just past the snowdrift.

Of course there is a irony in all northerner v. southerner japing as us British are uniformly obsessed by the weather, wherever we live - and this week it has been pretty bad. In UK terms.
Except in Blackpool, the only place in the country to avoid more than a few flakes and noticeably absent from the UK weathergeddon-type map.

Not everyone sounded that impressed by the news of frozen precipitation with an inspired writer at the Islington Gazette writing the headline ‘Islington; It has snowed.’

Weather warning

Weather warning

Accurate to be fair.