From the deputy editor: Our born right?

Going back to Victorian times
Going back to Victorian times
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It’s the one thing we can all claim to have in common - we were all born.

How, when, where and under what particular conditions will have varied but the vast majority of our mothers will have had the degree of help and care they wanted and needed - whether she gave birth naturally or needed medical intervention along the way.

Here in Britain, when expecting a baby, we all assume the NHS will be there to help smooth the arrival of our newborn, we see it - as tax-paying citizens - as our right.

But what if the maternity services we need are simply not available?

With the service under unprecedented pressure, our investigation today reveals the situation could reach crisis point with 11 maternity and neonatal units nationwide facing closure or consolidation.

The plans include greater personalisation which sounds promising in theory but would involve top-up fees for extras like hypnotherapy.

Similarly to the lack of doctors for Chorley’s A&E, the maternity services faces a crisis in attracting new talent.

And without midwives, we are lost.