First and second footing for both new years

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Life is certainly different for the night work widow.

A little dramatic perhaps, but anyone whose partner works in the evening may have felt, like I do from time to time, that they have lost their boyfriend/girlfriend to the night.

In the least sordid sense of the word, of course.

Putting aside the lack-of-sleep-induced mood swings, having a partner who works ‘unsociable hours’ makes planning, well, anything, nigh on impossible.

One always has to consider the fact that ‘days’ don’t actually begin until at least noon, while bedtime for these night creatures - even on days off - doesn’t fall until at least 2am, 3am or 4am. Yawn.

Bank holidays (an alien term in our household) go out of the window, while special occasions - birthdays, Christmas and yes, New Year - more often than not have to be treated like any other day.

Last year, The Boy was lucky enough to have a few days off at the end of December, meaning that the beginning of 2013 could be celebrated in almost normal fashion.

That is with too much food, drink and a questionable bottle of champers.


Not so this time around.

Instead, as has been the case throughout the year, we improvised, and in the end marked the turn of the year twice.

Neither time at midnight on December 31. Naturally.

The first celebration, to mark the end of 2013, was held at 12 midnight on Monday night, while the second, welcoming in 2014, didn’t take place until 3.30am on January 1. Well, we weren’t far off.

Although not what you would call conventional, the split celebration kind of worked.

While Big Ben may have chimed the New Year in only once, we managed to pop our cork twice (in the literal sense) knocking back double the bubbles and party food.

And with yours truly enjoying the luxury of time off on New Year’s Day itself, nobody cared that the blinds stayed closed for the majority of the day, or that breakfast was enjoyed at 3pm.

And the best bit?

That start of the year optimism that usually fades all too quickly seems to be sticking around twice as long too.

An early lesson for 2014 - repetition is key.

Happy, happy New Year!