Fallen Madonna and odd booties

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Aasma ponders a high profile outburst of gravity that made headlines worldwide.

It was surely the most widely talked about tumble of all time when Queen of Pop 
Madonna fell on her backside with a bang during her Brit Awards performance last week.

Madonna stumbles whilst performing on stage as her cape is pulled during the 2015 Brit Awards

Madonna stumbles whilst performing on stage as her cape is pulled during the 2015 Brit Awards

Reading the frenzy of comments, jokes and sniggers on social media following Madge’s fall, I did wonder whether there would have been quite the same reaction of laughter if any other 56-year-old woman had plummeted to the ground.

To her credit, Madonna was the consummate professional, and recovered with aplomb, as she instantly rose to her feet and carried on singing.

The cynic in me even pondered whether she’d done it on purpose, as she certainly stole the show at the BRITs.

THAT fall was all the papers and TV talked about when it came to the music awards the next day. After all, it guaranteed Madonna was the talk of the town, which would have given her flagging career a shot in the arm.

It got me thinking about flops, drops and nose-dives of my own and unfortunate slips and trips which have left me red-faced as I’ve casually got back up on my feet pretending I’d planned to do that all along.

Being a bit accident prone, I do have the tendency to trip over my own feet.

And, contrary to what Hubby thinks, my clumsiness has nothing to do with the me wearing high heels the majority of the time.

In fact, I am more likely to fall flat on my face when I’m wearing flats as my feet just aren’t used to them.

Years ago, I remember being in such a rush to get to the pick and mix section at the now defunct Woolworths that I slipped on the floor and went flying before landing in an undignified heap.

On another occasion, I was walking around Superdrug without watching where I was going and walked into a huge pyramid of Easter Eggs, sending them all scattering. That was a tad embarrassing.

While my falls all seem to be confectionary related, 
Madonna’s fall was caused by a fashion disaster.

Her devil dancers yanked at her luxurious Armani black cloak, no doubt to reveal her outfit with a flourish, but instead, they dragged her to the ground.

I have had a fashion faux pas of my own involving a cloak, although not an Armani one (that was probably in the wash).

After a trip to a hairdressers in Preston city centre, I decided to go around a few shops.

It was only about half-an-hour after wandering the shops that I realised to my horror that I was still wearing my cloak from the hairdressers.

I blame the salon for not checking I had returned their property before leaving their premises.

We got to talking at work about our different fashion flops and the conversation centred around genuine mistakes rather than just not having an eye for what is stylish.

Going to work with your top inside out was a common one and we all agreed that the superstition it is actually good luck and that you shouldn’t turn it the right way round, as it will be unlucky, was a load of rubbish.

Similar to the rumour that if a bird poops on your head, good things are coming your way, we believe this myth was perpetuated by victims of bird droppings trying to claw a silver lining from the fact they look really stupid.

But the one recurring story that came up at LEP Towers when it comes to fashionable fluffs was wearing odd shoes.

One male member of staff once got dressed in the dark at home and only realised when he got to work that he had come in wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe.

As he was scheduled to go to a press conference later that day, he made a hurried trip to Asda to buy himself a matching pair of shoes.

And one LEP boss confessed that when she was a young reporter, on the day she was covering a visit by the Queen, she made the 45 minute drive to work only to look at down at her feet in dismay and realise she was wearing one black shoe and one blue shoe.

On the upside, the shoes were exactly the same styles – just different colours. I’m sure Her Majesty, just like Queen Madge, wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

We’re an odd bunch at the LEP!