Don’t come crying for hand outs Argentina

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Britain’s overseas aid programme is a shambles and an insult to the British taxpayer.

The latest astonishing fact to be revealed is that we are forking out £2m a year to Argentina – of all countries!

Almost on a daily basis, Argentina are making warlike threats to Britain over the Falkland Islands. Indeed, only last week, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, accused Britain of the “colonial and military occupation of Argentine territory”. Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger spoke for many when he said: “People will be rightly shocked that we are giving money to Argentina at a time when they are trying to stop our shipping from going to the Falklands and threatening to prosecute companies that explore for oil there.”

How we can continue to hand out cash to this kind of regime, and how does Argentina have the brass neck to accept it?

Jamie Oliver may know how to make the perfect souffle but he certainly has some bizarre ideas about further education. Oliver says he would be shocked if one of his children went to university. Well, Oliver never went to university because that kind of education is not required to make a Victoria sponge.

However, what if any of his children want to be doctors, or surgeons or even rocket scientists?

It is unlikely any child would get the required qualifications and knowledge anywhere but a university. Oliver, who has considerable influence on the Government as a cook, should stick to what he knows about.

David Cameron seems to be going to great lengths to recruit Karren Brady, the West Ham United executive and entrepreneur who recently accompanied the Prime Minister to China, as a Conservative MP. He has, outrageously in my view, offered her the choice of six “safe” Tory seats to fight in next year’s general election. Sensibly, she has declined. She has far more scope for achievements by remaining a private person.

But what is also – and perhaps more – important, is why should Cameron be telling local constituency parties which candidates they should adopt? He seems to have forgotten that should be decided at a local level and not by the grandees at the top.