Couldn’t give a Hootenanny for fakes

Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post Health Correspondent
Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post Health Correspondent
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A pre-recorded party is no party at all for Aasma

I’m not a fan of faking it.

Jools Holland

Jools Holland

I’m not talking about the TV series, but the whole concept of anything that is bogus, counterfeit or pretend.

Why get fobbed off with a poor imitation or something make-believe or contrived when you can have the real thing?

Fake laughs, false eyelashes and boob jobs are all complete no-nos so far as I am concerned.

Which is why I ended 2014 with a bit of a jolt, when something I have spent the last however many years believing was entirely genuine was unveiled as being a total sham.

It all began on New Year’s Eve at LEP Towers, when those of us working discussed our plans for later that evening and how we would be seeing in the arrival of 2015.

“We’ll probably just have a bottle of Champagne while we watch Jools Holland on the telly,” said one colleague.

Her comment was greeted with scoffs and cries of: “You’re not watching that are you? It’s all pre-recorded anyway!”

WHAT?! Yes, yes, for those of you already in the know, I gather I’m waaay behind in discovering this startling realisation, but knowing this did nothing to lessen the blow.

And judging by the reaction of many of my other co-workers and friends, who I disclosed my recently learned finding to later that night, I’m not the only one who has been living under a rock.

Yes, for those of you who didn’t already know, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that Jools Holland’s annual New Year Hootenanny is not broadcast live, as I firmly believed for years, but is actually a pre-recorded show with a countdown that doesn’t even happen at midnight.

For many people, watching Jools Holland and his celebrity pals is as much a part of New Year’s Eve as binge drinking, fireworks, Auld Lang Syne and that nagging sensation that everyone else is out there having a much better time than you.

For those of you who watched the show with a pang of envy, thinking what a fun New Year’s Eve party Jools and his showbiz friends seem to have, don’t worry, the reality is that most of the celebs are probably sat on their sofa in their PJs and slippers just like you.

Sometimes, I even used to feel a flicker of sympathy for Jools Holland.

“Poor Jools,” I thought to myself. “He has to work every New Year’s Eve. What if he was invited to a really good party himself? Or if he fancied going on holiday over New Year for a change?”

Apparently, not only is Jools’ Hootenanny pre-recorded weeks in advance, the sham countdown doesn’t even happen at midnight on the random date, as the recording of the show is usually wrapped up by 10.45pm so everyone can get home to their beds.

It seems the Jools pre-recorded scandal first caused controversy after viewers saw pop songstress Kylie on the show – even though she was actually seeing in the New Year in her native Australia.

Further bafflement was caused by repeated references to “next year”, even after midnight had been and gone.

When faced with accusations of conning the public, the BBC defended the move by saying it clearly stated in pre-publicity material sent to the press that the show would be recorded in advance.

A spokesman for the BBC stated: “Jools’ annual Hootenanny is an idealised New Year’s Eve party with a line-up that would surely be impossible to deliver on December 31.”

Is it just me, or has finding out Jool’s so-called New Year’s party isn’t on New Year after all totally ruined the experience?

Hubby and I didn’t actually watch the show this New Year, as for the first time since having the children, we went out, after some good friends invited us to a party for adults and kids.

Surprisingly, our children, who are usually ready for their beds at bedtime after their energetic days and not really ones for late nights, were still going strong at 1am, allowing the adults to drink and socialise.

But even if we are housebound again on future New Year’s Eves, I don’t think I could bring myself to watch Jools and his pretend party ever again. Knowing the truth means it’s not quite the same.

It reminds me of the time when Keith first broke the news to me that wrestling wasn’t real and was all play-acting.

Incredulous that I didn’t actually already know this, Hubby had to spend time convincing me of the truth until I accepted that wrestling was all fake. (For those of you who didn’t know this either, I’m sorry for shattering another illusion.)

I wonder what Jools Holland ACTUALLY does on the real New Year’s Eve? He’s not exactly going to be quaffing Champagne at any public parties is he?

Maybe he sits at home in his slippers watching himself on television having an amazing “New Year’s Eve” thinking: “I wish I was at a great party like that one.”