Left speechless by Audible

When I’m not locking myself out of the house in the evening, the imagination runs wild on ideas for the best ways to get children to bed at a reasonable hour without the recurring series of painful and exhausting bedtime drama.

Saturday, 16th May 2020, 12:30 pm
Misreading Audible

Every teatime begins with a declaration that tonight will be the night when the two are bathed, in pyjamas, teeth cleaned with a promise of reading time for good behaviour...

The scene then turns to mum in bed too, faking sleep, to aid child to sleep, only to fall asleep before a child and accidentally lose the entire night to a three hour nap.

This week, with renewed optimism, the evenings were going to be spent rediscovering the love for the written word; some luxury time to escape into a story world of my own, where no one would find me.

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Having subscribed to an audible book service to try to beat the reading drowsiness ,and finally two children sound asleep, mum o’clock was set.

Downloading an audio book should be so very simple. Except 10 minutes of reading time was devoted to sample sound bytes in the app because there was no option to ‘buy.’

It took some figuring out to realise the purchase had to be made through the Amazon account, cue confusion as I attempted to switch logins on the phone having borrowed my sister’s Prime login.

Once complete this led to another dead end as that app didn’t support the ‘purchasing of digital content’.

At this point the sensible thing would have been just to grab the nearest paperback but so invested in this exciting audio world, I’d come too far to back out now.

It appears you need a book of instruction on how to buy an audio book on Audible but, alas, scanning Google there was an answer.

Login confirmed on the separate Audible website, credit retrieved, by this time 37 minutes into the allotted reading hour, I finally set eyes on the page for Sydney Bank’s ‘The Enlightened Gardener’.

Indeed enlightened.

An ‘aha’ moment as purchase was successful and the book redirected to the personal library. Back in the app and download hit - the penny dropped.

Reading/listening time was on hold. The book in the library was the second in the series, I’d bought the sequel.... ‘The Enlightened Gardener- Revisited.’

There is a site I will not be revisiting anytime soon.