Daily wardrobe in a basket

The weekend before lockdown was the last time I made any of those impulse buys.

Friday, 12th June 2020, 3:45 pm
A staple look in lockdown

Unlike many , the Amazon/DPD/Hermes delivery driver is not my new best friend.

Online buys in 12 weeks consist of food, white vinegar, essential oils and some new kitchen chair covers.

A self-described thrifty shopper the last exciting shopping adventure was to BnMs for various storage boxes and vacuum bags, which would come in useful for all the clearing out .

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All proved practical purchases but not more so than two pretty woven baskets that caught my eye on a final mooch down the home aisle, which would compliment the almost completed look of the newly decorated bedroom.

In the moment they were hardly essential, a last minute splurge but those two baskets have proven to be invaluable.

For they have pretty much housed my wardrobe for the entirety of this period.

It is estimated by one such study that most women will have relied on just 10 per cent of their clothes through lockdown.

Around 58 per cent of the wardrobe has not been worn in the last six months.

I’ve now mastered about three staple outfits.

First in the basket are the favoured gym leggings, which are so versatile and now deemed official office wear.

Gently folded on top a t-shirt of choice, today’s is adorned with ‘The Courteeners’ across the front. A trusty cardigan or jumper for when it gets a bit drafty (also thrown in the basket) and loose fitting jeans just in case of needing to be a bit more ‘dressed up.’

During the hot weather there was a maxi dress and a pair of shorts in there in too.

With no one to see, many friends have admitted to similar downsizing of their daywear. No hunting through drawers, no collapsing in frustration at having ‘nothing to wear.’

The issue has been the kids changing three times a day for some unknown reason, no longer restricted to daily uniform.

Fast fashion has long been a problem for the environment and lets face it the pocket - will there be a marked change in behaviours when the doors re-open on our favourite stores next week?

Will there be a sudden rush for summer ‘must haves’?

My list currently extends to new trainers and walking boots....

But the first trip will most probably be to the charity shop.