Column: Joy of publishing a book

Well dear readers, this week I proudly present to you my latest book '“ '˜Stracchino and other beastly scrittlings'.
Carol ForsterCarol Forster
Carol Forster

This is a compilation of my published stories in the Lancashire Post and Lancaster Guardian columns on a travel theme, which are the book’s main flavour.

Mainly humorous, it will take you on a journey from Puglia to Planet Zog.

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Divided it into two sections, part one contains stories while part two, has my travel columns.

If you would like a copy, it can be found in Amazon Bookstore and it's available both as an e-book and as a paperback.

The columns are mainly those about my travels and times in Italy, so I do hope you enjoy reading them again. The short stories, on the other hand, are a zany collection of fiction and my intended audience is big kids rather than children, as they do contain adult concerns and dilemmas, though always with humorous intent.

I am also considering a future book on a nostalgia theme, but this is currently just an idea.

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In reference to the title, ‘scrittlings’ is my play on the Italian word ‘scrivere’ or ‘scritti’ (written words) as I see from Google, that it has been given many diverse meanings and seems to be one of those words that can be moulded to signify whatever the writer chooses.

It has been a joy to compile my writing and put it into book form and it is good to have a permanent record of my columns and stories.

To keep all you avid readers updated, I am also at the early stages of writing a romantic novella which will be published later this year. This will have a very different tone and should be quite a tearjerker: I’ve even shed a few just writing it.

I can tell you it’s amazing what the imagination comes up with!

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I won’t say too much at this point, but it will be about the struggles of intense love and will appeal to all those with romantic leanings. It will definitely appeal to the soft of heart and will be a move away from my typical humorous style and will probably be available by the summer.

Finally, a big thank you to all who are supporting my writing. Very much appreciated. So, I do hope you enjoy my latest, ‘Stracchino and other beastly scrittlings’.