Catching a falling star and try not to mock it

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Awards season came to an end with a bump this week.

Well, for queen of pop (sorry Elton) Madonna, who was the victim of ‘cape-gate’ during Wednesday nights BRIT awards.

Poor Madge as she was yanked down a set of stairs on stage by one of her backing dancers (former backing dancers, one would now presume) after he tugged hard on her long black and red cape, in what one can only guess was meant to be a big reveal of the songstress.

Reveal it did, but not in the way she’d have hoped. With the release of a new single, Madonna has been everywhere of late and in one interview discussed her views on ageism and how she is discriminated against because of her age.

Was it ageism that made me wince at the sight (okay, after a short burst of laughter, I am only human) of a 56-year-old woman falling backwards from a set of stairs? I don’t think so. Would anyone have been quite so concerned had it been sprightly Taylor Swift who took a tumble? Probably not. One would assume her coccyx is a little sturdier.

But Madonna wasn’t the only one to make headlines at an awards ceremony this week. The one we’d all been waiting for - the Oscars - was, like the BRITS, disappointingly tedious for the most part, but did have a couple of thought-provoking moments, both from Best Supporting winners. The first from actress Patricia Arquette, who earned an enthusiastic whoop from Meryl Streep and co when she called for equal pay rights for women.

A fair ask, which most agreed with, until she went back stage and called for ‘all the men that love women, all the gay people and all the people of colour’ to fight for women’s rights. A little rich coming from a member of the Hollywood elite. One’s not so sure how hard she, along with the rest of the rich and famous, have had to fight.

For all the drama and debate of the week, it was a simple message that, for myself at least, proved most memorable.

In a short and very sweet acceptance speech, actor JK Simmons thanked his wife and kids - standard - before reminding a worldwide audience to call their parents: ‘Everybody. Call your mum, call your dad. If you’re lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them. Don’t text, don’t email. Call them on the phone. Tell them you love them and thank them.’

So simple, so poignant. Mum... Sit by the phone.