'Cancer patients should not have to pay to park'

Re: Car parking charges for cancer patients at Royal Preston Hospital.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 3:56 pm
Updated Friday, 25th January 2019, 5:00 pm
Cancer patients have to pay for parking at Royal Preston Hospital. See letter

I am horrified to discover that parking charges have been imposed upon cancer patients at this site. Beforehand a parking permit was issued, covering the expected duration of treatment.

As a cancer patient who has had 37 daily treatments myself, I can confirm how distressing both the condition and the treatments are. Anything which can ease the trauma is essential for the well-being of the patient.

I understand that the £2.50 concession must be applied for on each occasion at an office which is some very considerable walk from the Rosemere Cancer Unit at Preston.

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I am sure that even the least aware individual might realise that many patients suffering from cancer are going to be incapable of walking such a distance. Furthermore to insist that a carer leaves such a vulnerable patient unattended for a considerable time, each and every treatment session, would be to leave them at increased risk of harm.

The daily concession procedure itself introduces a further level of bureaucracy which itself will have a financial implication.

I consider this situation to be wholly unacceptable.

I must also take exception to the following clause: “Each family visitor separately attending on a gravely ill relative will be eligible to apply for a concession at a cost of £2.50 per day.” How completely heartless.

John McKenzie


Green and sensible

The new proposals to induce manufacturers of white goods and other consumables to make their goods more repairable in an effort to save the environment makes common sense.

We had a perfectly good fridge/freezer that was well designed and functional and was eight years old.

However the thermostat failed and a replacement, I was told, would take three months to obtain and cost £80 – ridiculous!

However, the new replacement ‘smart’ fridge/freezer has proved to be poorly designed and far from efficient. It is a bitter disappointment.

I’d much rather have repaired my old one.

It’s the same with cars – the Government is clamping down on older cars, kidding people that it’s in the interests of the planet and pollution.

However, if one compares the carbon footprint of buying a brand new car, it proves to be a false declaration because the production of a new car uses up far more valuable materials and energy.

Karl Sheridan

via email

Who will step into vacuum?

I’m horrified this country is heading into a crisis of Parliament’s making.

17.4 million people gave our politicians a clear directive by referendum mandate to remove us from the EU.

We have been woefully deceived and now face a political shambles.

Who would vote again for this shower of self-serving, third-raters? The danger is we have no idea just who will step into the political vacuum.

Harry Brooke

Address supplied

Out to lunch

Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to discuss Brexit with the Prime Minister unless No Deal is taken off the table reminds me of the vegan who refuses to partake from a buffet table groaning with vegetable delights. The sole meat item is a plate of inferior sausages only included to nominally cater for another dietary minority and which no sensible diner will actually touch!

John Eoin Douglas

via email