Busy nights, tall tales and meeting Mr Weasel

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Another busy weekend just gone. Last Friday evening in Preston saw crowds of biblical proportions. And it was noted that Lancashire constabulary were out in greater numbers than usual. Always a welcome sight.

Such a pleasurable evening’s work, and I believe there is another on the horizon. Yes, tonight will be treasure island again for us cabbies!

I can only dream the job of cab driving was as enriching as it is on these nights.

None the less, when your job is as intense as mine was on Friday night, it’s an absolute joy to be a cab driver. Even the morons behaved themselves, I think I only saw one guy getting arrested, rather than twelve or thirteen. Positivity everywhere.

But these nights are few and far between – in contrast to sitting out a ten hour shift for say forty quid before deductions.

On Saturday, it was a typical night with the usual crowds, but I still had a good night. On Monday morning, I asked some of the other drivers how much they made at the weekend. Most are pretty open when it comes to this question. A couple of the drivers told me what they had earned and it tallied with my earnings.

One driver claimed not to have even counted his wages yet. I can’t believe that, I thought to myself.

Anyway, there were two drivers in particular I thought were talking complete tripe. These guys’ nicknames are now plus one hundred and plus one hundred and fifty. There just wasn’t enough hours for these two clowns’ arithmetic to tally respectively. I had been told the funniest joke in the world. It’s always a pleasure when you work with others who bring a smile to your face.

It’s great to be at work sometimes, alas but for the guy who tried to weasel his way out of paying me on Saturday evening.

The chap got in and said Deepdale. I got him to his front door and he seemed to be taking longer than usual to pay. He was pathetically looking through the same four pockets. I said what’s happening? He said I have got money. I said well, if you’ve got money, do you want to stop wasting my time and pay me? Yeah, but I have money came his reply, while balancing his pizza box with chips on his lap.

The guy knew, even if he couldn’t pay, it would only be a small amount of money for the driver to write off. But the annoying part was he thought I had bought into his little game. He persisted with his nonsense and so was invited to exit the cab forthwith.

If you have ever over-spent and can’t get home or only have some money, most cabbies would be prepared to help. Just getting in and pretending you have money is the worst thing you can do. I hope Mr Weasel might realise one day that honesty goes a long way in all walks of life. But he will probably overlook it again on the way to the takeaway before getting his cab home.