'Build a roof on Preston's market hall to keep heat in'

I see that, to tackle the problem of the new '˜indoor market' being an ice box in winter, the powers-that-be are having a new porch built at the Cheapside entrance in front of the existing doors, to stop the wind rushing in.

Friday, 21st December 2018, 4:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:49 pm
Preston's Market Hall

Have the planners who designed and built it not realised one basic law of physics, that heat rises? The new market is not an indoor market. It is an outdoor market with four sides and no roof, erected under an existing old market canopy.

Yes, the extra doors will prevent some of the wind getting in, but there are two other doors, one at the Lancaster Road end and the other at the side.

These doors will also let the wind gusts in.

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Without its own roof, the new market will lose 75 per cent of the heat generated by the stallholders’ electric heaters, because, as anyone with any sense will understand, heat rises, and without its own roof to keep what heat there is in from the heaters, it will just go upwards and out of the building.

Apart from it being a fraction of the size of the old indoor market, it is uncomfortably cramped with too many stalls into too little space.

Who is paying for the extra doors to cover up the designers’ mistakes, the good old council taxpayer?

Also, do the stallholders pass on to their customers the cost of the electric heaters or does the council pay for them?

I can’t believe that the designers, and the Council Planning Committee, who approved this big mistake, didn’t realise that, in winter, it gets very windy, and freezing temperatures will certainly be upon us.

The only way to cure the heating problem is plainly simple. Build a roof on it. Then, and only then, can it be truly called an indoor market.