Bigger farce than West End show

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The West End’s famous old Whitehall Theatre used to present the funniest farces ever seen in London.

But not even their comic genius could match what is going on at Westminster at the moment.

The stage writers would not have dared dream up such unlikely stories as have been produced in and around Parliament over the last couple of weeks.

First of all, the Prime Minister appears to have upset the entire judicial system with his now widely condemned attempt to shut down Parliament for a period, in the hope that he could get Brexit through. This proved to be a disaster, and so Johnson - who is still determined to achieve Brexit by the end of October, do or die - had to think of some other way of achieving his ambition.

But even his fertile mind failed to arrive at any kind of solution, except repeated threats that Britain would go ahead, rain or shine, whatever Brussels said.

But now we have a rather bizarre situation where opposition parties - led by the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon (who is not even an MP), with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the helm - set up at the expense of the Tories in a bid to stop a no deal solution, which Johnson seemed happy to go along with if nothing more fruitful occurs.

Whether this further meddling with the constitution would work is yet to be seen, but it looks more and more as though Britain may be forced to accept a no deal solution if the Prime Minister is to keep his word.

Whoever thought that Brexit, after the Referendum, would finish up like this?

But MPs who opposed the result of the Referendum are guilty, in the opinion of many people, of dishonesty.

When Parliament set up the Referendum, MPs agreed to abide by the result, whatever it was.

Now, many of them are shamelessly trying to avoid doing that, a dishonourable and underhand way to handle these matters.

As we wake up each morning, we wonder what next will enter the convoluted minds of some politicians, who are determined to get their way, come hell or high water.