Big pants means more cake? Count me in!

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Freddie told us that big bottom girls make the world go round. Well now, so do their underwear.

Women around the world rejoice; big pants are back! Hurrah!

According to Marks & Spencer - many a woman’s go to shop for everyday and occasion underwear - sales of larger lingerie are on the rise. No longer do we ladies want to wear thongs and G-strings - the uncomfortable choice of many for the last decade or so - underneath tight, low-rise jeans. Our new high-waisted pants can hide a multitude of sins, including fuller briefs.

Less than one in 10 pairs of knickers that M&S sells (grand total of which is an incredible 60 million a year) are now thongs, a spokeswoman for the store said this week.

Instead, we ladies are opting for other non-VPL (that’s visible panty line for those who don’t have to worry about having one) styles, like the Brazilian, boy short and midi brief. And of course, the ‘firm control’ option, publicised and popularised by the likes of Trinny and Susannah, and Gok Wan - oh, and Bridget Jones. Though perhaps in a slightly different way.

Yours truly had something of a Bridget moment recently when deciding what to wear underneath a dress for a wedding.

While lacy lingerie may be more appealing to some, the Spanx style seemed to offer me more - smoother silhouette, day without having to continuously breathe in and, best still, unlimited wedding cake.

And while The Boy may have feigned his enthusiasm on first sight, I was genuinely quite excited.

OK, maybe I couldn’t see my belly button and there was a similar amount of material on show than is in the rest of my underwear draw combined, but I was well and truly sucked in. There was no hint of a muffin top or tummy. Why hadn’t I tried these sooner?

Do we have the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé - ladies who are proud of the bigger bottoms - to thank for the change in attitude?

Or has feminism hit new heights, and this is another example of how women don’t want to conform to what’s perhaps expected of them?

Who knows. And quite frankly, who cares. Now pass the cake - I think I can squeeze in another slice.