As one game is won a Greater Game plays on

LEP Columnist Barry Freeman
LEP Columnist Barry Freeman
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Heartening though it has been to see the tower of power, corruption and lies we call FIFA brought low, anything more than a superficial reading of events inevitably leads to disquiet.

First and foremost, since when did the US give a tinker’s curse about football? How can it be they have only now caught on to this network of greased palms and scratched backs, one negotiated successfully by their own national football governing just 20-odd years ago?

And yet here they are, the full weight of the state – the Federal Bureau of Investigation, no less – brought to bear.

To bear. Bear. Russian bear. And the riddle is solved. No way can Bad Vlad be permitted to open his arms and give the world a hug come 2018.Plan is to be on a full-blown Cold War footing by then, and President Clinton(H)/Bush(J) – delete as appropriate – are fully on board.

That’s settled. They rubbed out the pencil and inked that in, pal.

Obviously, then, handing our implacable foe the world’s biggest single PR opportunity will be...

Awkward. Expect talk of boycott, stripping, etc. at the highest levels before summer is out.

Qatar? Meah. As a major player in the Axis of Goodness (that’s us) a betting man would have to fancy this major client slave state stands a fighting chance of getting its day in the sun (well, inside vast covered air-conditioned nightmares built on the living tissue of slave labour).

Oh well. Upcoming moves in the Great Game might turn the final key locking us into many decades of geopolitical strife, but at least it will clean up the world game (for a bit).

And pleasing to see concerted action by so many international authorities to chase down the tens of millions of dirty cash flowing through the coffers of what I think we can now justifiably refer to as ‘The Blatter Gang’.

One can now only hope this new broom is used to sweep clean all the corners of public life in which financial amorality hold sway.

Yes, if I were one of them HSBC millionaire bankers no doubt still congratulating themselves on not being brought to book over how their Swiss banking arm helped wealthy customers dodge taxes and conceal millions while advising them on how to run rings around their domestic tax authorities, for example, I’d be sweating hard.

They, clearly, will be for it next. Oh aye. Bound to be. Bound to be.