Am I indecisive? I’m not too sure...

Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post Health Correspondent
Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post Health Correspondent
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There’s far too choice in the decisions Aasma has to make.

Everyone knows it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. That’s presuming of course that she’s able to make her mind up in the first place.

While I’m usually pretty good at deciding what I want in life and single-mindedly pursuing it, I am plagued with moments of complete indecisiveness.

When it comes to big decisions, I’m quite definitive and resolute – it’s the smaller and what most would perceive as trivial decisions that usually have me floundering.

It’s not that I keep changing my mind – I just sometimes find it hard to commit to one choice.

“The creme brulee or the raspberry roulade?”, “The purple dress or the gold one?”, “The black boots or the brown ones?”

I realised quite early on in life that the best philosophy to follow when faced with indecision is to go for both.

Which is why my wardrobe, particularly during my 20s, used to be crammed with dresses that came in two different colours and identical shoes in varying shades.

Sadly, an expanding waistline meant I soon had to drop the tactic of going for two desserts as it dawned on me that if I carried along down that route, I wouldn’t be able to fit in ANY dresses.

Nowadays, I am content with choosing one dessert and stealing a forkful of Hubby’s – especially if it is the other option I was considering.

My wardrobe no longer looks like Noah’s Ark … although on occasion, I am still known to buy both when I can’t decide which colour sale item of clothing to buy.

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a boy or a girl more as I knew I wanted both – which is why I decided to have both at the same time by having boy and girl twins.

However, I drew the line at bigamy and decided to be content with just the one husband … although having two wedding dos was a nice compromise.

My indecisiveness is now usually centred around food and I am always interrogating my dining companions on what they are having as I know I’ll only get food envy if I make the wrong order.

Hubby is a nightmare dining partner as he guards his starter and main course options like a state secret and, as waiters always ask the woman first, when he does finally reveal his choices, I find myself thinking: “Actually, I quite fancy that.”

I have been known to chase restaurant staff halfway down the room to say: “Excuse me – I’ve changed my mind.”

I blame men for women’s indecisiveness. Clearly they are lacking in mind-reading skills about what we really want. Bad men.

But this last week, I read about a woman who is even more indecisive than me.

I’m talking of course about the bride who celebrated her wedding day by having 44 bridesmaids, 12 pageboys and three ushers.

Forty four bridesmaids? I mean I know picking your bridesmaids is a tough decision, but that is just ridiculous, What did she do, ask all her Facebook friends?

Justifying her big, big day, the bride explained that she came from a big family and just wanted everyone to be involved in her wedding day.

Meanwhile, the groom said he was just happy to leave the organising to his new wife.

Apparently though, this wedding didn’t have the highest number of bridesmaids.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, a Sri Lankan couple had 126 bridesmaids, 25 best men, 20 page boys and 23 flower girls.

Sounds more like a circus than a wedding.

Still, at least reading those tales made me feel a lot better about my own indecision.

Maybe I’m not really indecisive … well, actually I am. Well … not always, but sometimes.

Actually, maybe quite a bit really. But not that bad …