All these holidays could drive a man to drink

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A joy it was to work this last weekend.

It seems everyone has finally been paid. From starting my shift on Saturday to the end of it in the small hours my wheels never stopped rolling.

When on a pit stop for fuel or refreshments I was chatting to various cabbies and their own reports were positive also.

Nice to see everyone was on the make, after all we have all had a long wait since the festivities.

Hopefully things will click back into place for a reasonable amount of time before the Easter holidays.

In a month where there are no significant holidays on the calendar us cabbies can expect to earn more consistently. So when a month like March comes round, people tend to hold back for extra spending on a bank holiday from their monthly pay, thus affecting the consistency of income for cabbies.

Some drivers thinks, ‘Oh it’s Easter, its bonus time... Maundy Thursday brilliant, Easter Friday as well. Then the usual Saturday night coupled with bank holiday Sunday.’

Well it’s not brilliant!

All it does is disrupt the flow of cash us cabbies rely on. Holidays seem to come around much too quickly nowadays, what with the multicultural society we live in. But I suppose I should stop whining, at least I have a job, I’m like the bulk of really hard working people in this country.

On the subject of jobs, I watched a report about testing employees for alcohol and drug misuse.

It is the ultimate question of trust. While I respect this argument from a health and safety or criminality point of view, if you have been doing a job for, say, five years and your line manager has never had to take issue with you over misuse of alcohol or any other substance, how then can it be that suddenly you can be asked to provide a urine sample. It’s a joke.

I couldn’t give a monkey’s what people do in their free time, people relax in different ways. Some people exercise, some drink and smoke, and some might use recreational drugs.

We are all grown ups. Why test someone for alcohol or drug misuse? I reckon if someone came into my place of work drunk or high I, like most people, would be informing the relevant authority. It’s called maturity and commonsense. But if the employee is on time for their duties and perform them normally without raising any issue then what’s the big problem?

Imagine in the 1970s introducing this type of nonsense. I guarantee half the populace wouldn’t be taking the test as they would simply be finding another job. I can see it now “You had too much to drink this week it’s a warning I’m afraid”.

“Eh, see you later”, would be the reply.

But that’s the thing, there aren’t any jobs out there. So it will be “do it or rue it”.