A tree, two baubles and a praline teddy bear

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There’s always something of a sense of déjà vu in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as we ask – or are asked – the same questions we’ve heard a hundred times before.

Is it too early to put the tree up?


Should we buy a litre bottle of Baileys?


And then there’s the biggie that comes up a little earlier in proceedings...

Aren’t you too old for an advent calendar now?

Too old for an advent calendar?! I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous! Of course not!

Do we put an age limit on enjoyment?

Would you take away from a girl the one opportunity she has to eat chocolate on a daily basis for a month, and not feel guilty about it?

Would you kill the anticipation of opening up a-door-a-day, and the excitement when you realise you forgot to open yesterday’s after a late night, and now have two choccies to devour... TWO!

Needless to say, this was the same spiel I gave to The Boy, who took over advent calendar buying responsibilities from Momma S four years ago.

He really should know the drill by now.

But was it definitely chocolate I wanted this year, he asked?

Clearly not the only adult who still loves an advent calendar, various treats have now been added to 24 (or 25 if you’re lucky) day countdowns, with beauty products, beers and other alcoholic beverages all being hidden behind miniature doors.

Heck, if you have £635,000 to spare, Porsche even have a version with a car, jewels and a luxury yacht on offer.

But I’ll pass on that one – don’t think it would fit on the mantelpiece.

So did I want one of these lavish versions, with a luxury treat waiting every day?

No! This girl is a traditionalist – I expect silver foil, pictures of stars and snowmen, and tree-shaped cheap chocolates.

But to give him credit, The Boy did manage something slightly better than that on December 1 this year, as I woke up to a truffle-filled version from my favourite French chocolatier.

Four days in and I’ve already demolished a tree, two baubles and a praline-filled teddy bear.

Now that’s what I call Christmas!