A day under the duvet is music to the ears

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One has never been too enamoured with the idea of attending a music festival.

Being seen at Glastonbury or T in the Park may have always been the thing to do in the summer, but yours truly has been more than happy to stay at home and watch the highlights from the comfort of the sofa.

While many looked on in envy at the girls sat dancing (well, moving let’s say) atop of their boyfriends shoulders, wearing nothing but a pair of denim cut-offs and a bikini top, despite the torrential rail, I merely rolled my eyes.

Because I’m too sensible for that sort of thing? Hell no. But after day/night/early morning of fun, yours truly can always be found curled up in a double duvet until midday, when she will finally crawl out, take a long shower and whip up a day-after-the-night before dinner. Or order one in at least.

I’m not ashamed to admit I like my home comforts. I like not having to queue for a bathroom, I like that said bathroom is clean and has toilet roll, I like that I don’t have to pay £10 for a burger which is 2% beef, 98% God knows what, and I like that if I feel like listening to music, I can turn on the radio. And if don’t, it’s quiet. Bliss. But not everyone shares this way of thinking. The Boy for one.

Which is why this weekend, I’m popping my festival cherry and accompanying him to London’s Field Day. Now, those in the know would correctly point out this is a one-day event. No tent or dry shampoo necessary. But it’s a start. One will, she expects, still get something of the festival atmosphere.

Particularly because the weather looks like it’s going to be horrendous. While some forecasts predict that tomorrow will be a day of scattered showers, others are saying that the south will be hit with 24 hours of torrential rain. One newspaper has even predicted the UK will be battered by the worst storms in 170 years, with tornadoes, hailstorms and lightning strikes. Just my luck. Not sure how the battered pair of Converse and the Daisy Dukes will fair in such weather, but at least I have the raincoat Momma S kindly posted this week. Sure that’ll do the trick.

So here’s to the first festival of many (if a certain someone has anything to do with it). To the experimental music, the endless string of bands nobody has ever heard of, the drunken teenagers, the overpriced food and the under equipped facilities. Can’t wait.