‘20mph is just not enforceable’: Your say on Broughton speed limits

Councillors in Broughton are calling on the speed limit to be brought back up to 30mph if its current 20mph limit is not enforced.

Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 5:00 pm

Coun Pat Hastings, chairman of Broughton Parish Council, says speeding in the village is a problem as police are not enforcing the 20mph speed limit.

If the 20mph limit is not enforced, she wants to see a 30mph back in place and speed cameras installed.

She said: “We asked police why they wouldn’t enforce the 20mph speed limit when all the accidents were happening at the crossroads.

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Traffic on the Broughton bypass

“The police don’t enforce it. We can’t find anywhere in Lancashire that there have been any enforcement (of 20mph).”

Lancashire Post readers have their say...

Are they never happy? Years they have been wanting a by-pass they get that now they move on to complain about speeding cars ... just be happy

Andy Maxx

The purpose of getting the bypass was to reduce traffic through the village but also speeding traffic!!

Tom Hastings

Why can’t the traffic lights be reinstated. It’s so dangerous without them. The traffic calming measures on Whittingham is just stupid. Drivers try to beat the oncoming cars to get through. The people who come up with these ideas I really don t think they are drivers.

Anita-Sarah Shorrock

20mph is a waste of time, in more ways than one. 30mph speed limit is fine.

Gerard Hopkinson

What do you want lights for approach with care look right left right and proceed with caution,its not rocket science, well it must be to some.

Nigel Pearson

Requesting a 20mph zone is the worst thing a community can do if they are concerned about speed. The Police and camera partnership do not monitor the 20mph zones because they cannot issue invites to speed awareness courses. I’m sure a Police employee will correct me if I am wrong and tell us how many speeding tickets have been issued in Lancashire’s 20mph areas.

Iain Marsh

Bypass isn’t working. It puts time on your journey.

Brian Walmsley

The problem with the 20 mph is it’s not enforceable so people can actually drive at 40mph with just a letter to ask them to slow down at lest with a 30mph they can be fined and punished.

William Kennedy

The bypass does work. Yes there is still queuing traffic but it moves and clears much quicker, also the air pollution in the village is better. I live on Whittingham Lane and the time to get to Fulwood since it opened has reduced considerably. Especially at weekends when it could on bad days take 1hr 20 mins to get to the roundabout. Now it’s more like 15-20mins on a bad day. How is that not working?

Lara Marie Clark

Some are saying 20mph limits it’s not enforceable but why aren’t they? I went on a speed awareness course a couple of years ago & they said it was most definitely was enforceable?

Nic Lou Newsham

The bottom of Garstang Road needs to be blocked for through traffic apart from buses to force drivers to use the Bypass.

Steve Hopkinson

All 20 zones need scrapping, the police themselves don’t even stick to it. 30 is a reasonable speed and the police will happily enforce it.

Thomas Wignall