“Oops! Tyson Fury’s wife tells how she broadcast his private mobile number on Twitter

Real Life Story Paris Fury, wife of boxer Tyson Fury at home
Real Life Story Paris Fury, wife of boxer Tyson Fury at home
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Paris Fury, 25 is the wife of boxer Tyson Fury who will be competing in the fight of his career in October when he takes on World Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Paris, who lives in Lancaster with the couple’s two young children, shares her embarrassing story of when she inadvertently broadcast her husband’s mobile number to the world.

Real Life Story Paris Fury, wife of boxer Tyson Fury at home

Real Life Story Paris Fury, wife of boxer Tyson Fury at home

“I was out shopping with a friend in Lancaster and had left my car parked.

“Tyson came into town and spotted my card and as a joke, he put a flyer of himself on the windscreen on my car and he wrote that I was ‘Fit as ****’ and to give him a call and he had scribbled down his mobile phone number.

“When I got back to my car, I saw what Tyson had done and it gave me a giggle as I thought it was really funny.

“Without thinking it through, I took a photo of it and put it on Twitter with the words: ‘Tyson Fury has left me a calling card.’

“It never even occurred to me for a second that Tyson’s mobile phone number was on the photo - it was a real schoolboy error.

“To me, it was just a joke which I was sharing on Twitter.

“What made it even worse was that Tyson had seen it and retweeted it to all his followers too!

“I only realised what I had done when I checked my phone and saw hundreds of notifications.

“I thought: ‘Oh, I wonder why I’ve got so many notifications’ and looked at them and saw all these fans had put messages like: ‘Oh my god, she’s put Tyson’s mobile number on Twitter!’

“Realising what I’d done, I panicked and thought I’d better warn Tyson. My first thought was ‘Oh no, he’s going to go mad!’

“As soon as I spoke to him, Tyson said: ‘I know what you’ve done: I’ve had hundreds of telephone calls from fans!’

“Tyson received thousands of phone calls from fans over the next hour.

“Luckily, he was a really good sport about it and he started taking the calls and chatting to his fans.

“Tyson stood by what I had done and over the next week or so, he took phone calls from hundreds of fans and I told him it had actually worked out to be a good thing.

“Tyson actually ended up keeping that mobile number and taking calls from fans for about six weeks.

“He has only just stopped it now that he has gone into camp in France to train.

“At the time, it was really cringeworthy and I couldn’t believe what I had done. I was mortified, but it worked out well in the end.

“But Tyson just laughed it off and just chatted to the fans who called him.

“When I first realised what I had done, I knew I couldn’t take it off Twitter as loads of people had screen grabbed it and retweeted it.

“You know what they say - one moment on social media and it is there a lifetime!”