'One in a million' birthday celebrations for a Preston father and his two sons

'‹When Gurbhashak Singh and his two sons celebrate their birthdays, no-one in the family forgets.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 10:30 am
Updated Friday, 2nd November 2018, 11:33 am
Gurbhashak Singh 48, with sons Nishan Singh, 26, and Gurtaik Singh, 22
Gurbhashak Singh 48, with sons Nishan Singh, 26, and Gurtaik Singh, 22

For all three of them share the same birthday!

Gurbhashak was born on October 28.

To his astonishment, his first son Nishan was born on the same day more than two decades later.

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A 1998 picture of father and sons with wrestler Rajendra Singh

Four years after that, his second son Gurtaik was born – also on October 28.

Twenty years ago this week, they were featured in the Post, pictured with the boys’ grandfather.

He was Rajendra Singh, a former British wrestling champion. The late Rajendra, who died aged 74, was a big television favourite in his heyday taking on the likes of Giant Haystacks and Sid Cooper.

Now father and sons they have celebrated yet another birthday together.

Gurbhashak, of Ashton, Preston, believes the chance of them all sharing the same birthday is one in a million.

Gurbhashak, who also has a daughter, Priya, said he was over the moon when he his wife Sirjeet, gave birth to both sons on his birthday.

He said: “It felt like I had won the Lottery. It was such a surprise.”

The family celebrated last weekend with a joint party with friends and relations.

Nishan, 26, and Gurtaik, 22,enjoyed a family gathering.

Gurbhashak said: “It actually works out quite conveniently that we all have the same birthday.”