Were we abducted by aliens?

A family may have been abducted by aliens, according to a TV hypnotist.

Anne Devereaux and her family's brush with the unexplained has left them wondering whether they were victims of an alien experience.

And hypnotist Steve Burgess believes that recollections by Anne's daughter Rachel that she was floating in the air surrounded by little beings was a real-life experience.

He made his claims on a Sky television programme which looked at real-life alien mysteries.

On January 16 2005 at around 5pm, grandmother Anne, her daughter Rachel and sons Benjy, 11, and Alex, 13, were driving north along the A65 towards Ingleton in North Yorkshire.

It was then that they say they saw a bright light in the sky which hovered above the car, before accelerating towards them and disappearing.

Alex, who lives with mum Rachel, 37, in Kirby Lonsdale, said: "I got this strange feeling but I wasn't scared - it was as if I was drawn to whatever was there."

The 13-year-old also said: "We've seen cigar-shaped ones, and balls of light in our yard at our old house, which was a funny one."

"On my birthday when I got a video camera, I was just randomly filming, just outside, then I put the camera in the sky and there were these lights in it, and then after that - the next day, we were filming again to see that those weren't there again.

But when we looked at it again after I'd filmed it there were thousands of lights in the top left-hand corner of the screen which weren't there when we'd seen it being filmed originally, so there's been lots of cases."

Anne telephoned a radio station and, as a result, the next day numerous people from around the county phoned in to say they too had seen a bright light - over High Bentham, the Forest of Bowland and travelling towards Clitheroe.

Alex said: "We realised we'd lost some time that night so went and drove the same route again.

"We thought it had taken us about an hour but when we timed it, it was only 10 minutes to get down the road."

"I couldn't really remember what happened at the time but about six months later, I had a dream where I was in a bubble and we were going over all these landmarks and they were talking to us."

The family claim that since that day they have seen cigar-shaped crafts and balls of light on separate occasions.

Asked what he thought he saw, Alex said: "I don't know.. I'd like to find out... whether I ever will?

"I had a dream and I woke up. It was about a year or six months later, and I just remember bits... like being in this bubble and being taken over all these various landmarks but what THEY were saying to us was more interesting than anything out of the window."


Alex cannot remember what they actually said - "which is a pain", he said.

He added: "At my last school, people used to take the mick when I used to tell them about it so at my new school I've only told my two best mates."

In a bid to find out what had happened, Rachel agreed to undergo hypnotic regression in an attempt to retrieve memories that are not consciously accessible.

Rachel underwent this process for a programme on Sky called 'The Real 4400s'.

She recalled a big light watching some smaller ones and something telling her that they were not going to hurt her children.

Alex added: "I don't really know what they are, I'd like to find out - there must be some reason that they watch certain people."