Weird tales - Nessie’s cousin

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Round-up of odd stories from around the world


Some of the earliest-known writings on the Loch Ness monster’s less well-known cousin shed new light on the community which lived in its shadow more than 100 years ago, according to the researcher who uncovered them.

Morag, a mysterious creature supposed to inhabit the depths of Loch Morar, in the Highlands, is the subject of three separate writings from Alexander Carmichael, a prolific gatherer of folklore in his day.

The scripts, believed to date from 1902, have been uncovered by the Carmichael Watson project at the University of Edinburgh library. Dr Donald Stewart, a senior researcher on the project, discovered the texts while leafing through a “mad mixture” of folklore collected by Carmichael over 50 years.


The average annual mileage of car-driving commuters is the equivalent of travelling to New York and back, according to a survey.

The daily commute by road for Britons adds up to an average annual total of 7,130 miles, the poll by Allianz Your Cover found.

Only 15% of drivers enjoyed their commute, and 70% were miserable about the state of the UK’s roads and congestion. Almost a fifth of drivers (19%) long for better driving from their fellow commuters.


The winner of a lottery jackpot prize of more than £3 million is being sought before the chance to claim the life-changing sum expires.

The potential millionaire who matched all six numbers in the Lotto draw on Saturday February 9 bought the winning ticket in the Sevenoaks district of Kent.

The winner - whose Lotto numbers on that date were 8, 10, 27, 34, 40, 41 with a bonus ball of 48 - has until August 8 to claim their prize totalling £3,094,304. If no-one comes forward to claim the cash before then, the money, plus all the interest generated, will go to the National Lottery good causes.


Nearly 3,000 college graduates are taking rigorous physical ability tests in a desperate attempt to become candidates for just 50 jobs available with Spain’s National Police.

All must report to a police academy in Avila, about an hour’s drive from Madrid. Applicants must have college degrees.

Spain is in the middle of a brutal financial crisis with unemployment at 26% and more than 50% for under 25s.


Giant goldfish could be threatening the ecology of Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border.

Biologists said they were finding a growing number of the fish in the crystal-clear lake. They are worried because the fish eat a lot and excrete nutrients that stimulate algae growth.

Some have grown to 18in and could eat smaller fish and create new competition for native trout.


China’s suppliers of shark fin, abalone, and other luxury foods are suffering after new leader Xi Jinping ordered officials to stop lavish living.

Business for high-end caterers in Beijing has plunged more than a third since Mr Xi’s order in December.

He ordered the elimination of banquets and other pomp that has alienated a public that is struggling with high living costs.