Villagers besieged by peacocks

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Neighbours in a rural Lancashire village are being terrorised by peacocks.

People living in Banks, near Hesketh Bank, are said to be suffering after a group of peacocks descended on the village.

The invasion has led to residents on the estate shutting their doors and closing their windows - and some are arming themselves with water pistols.

In one bizarre incident one of the peacocks leapt on to a greenhouse and crashed through thee glass.

And on another occasion one resident was so frustrated at being woken up by screeching at 3am that she went outside with a big jug of water and threw it over them.

One woman on the estate has complained that a peacock pecked a dent in her car after catching a reflection of itself.

Another neighbour had resorted to chasing them away with a feather duster.

Some neighbours have said the group are ‘over running’ the quite estate.

However, others say they ‘far less’ of a nuisance than the youths in the area and they are also ‘much prettier.’