Stay of execution for garden statues

DIVISIVE: Mr Rad has partially dressed one of the under-threat statues in the garden
DIVISIVE: Mr Rad has partially dressed one of the under-threat statues in the garden
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Under-threat statues at a controversial community garden look to have been given a stay of execution - after Preston MP Mark Hendrick waded in with support.

He has accused Community Gateway Association (CGA) of being “prudish” over their demands on resident Jam Imani-Rad to remove the statues, which form part of a garden he created in Harrington Street.

In a letter sent to Mr Rad earlier this month, CGA state: “The 2 female statues - CGA received a complaint that these statues are offensive and as this is a communal garden we have asked you to remove these.”

Mr Rad was told if he didn’t remove the items, CGA would have the work done and would bill him for it.

Mr Rad claims he was told work would place last week, but has yet to be carried out.

CGA has declined to comment on the future of the statues, but the apparent delay coincides with a letter sent to housing bosses by Mr Hendrick, urging bosses to keep the them.

Mr Hendrick told the Evening Post: “The statues are a sort of classical Greek style and whilst one or two people might find the nature of them slightly offensive, I think most people would think they are in reasonably good taste.”

He added: “Gateway should think very seriously about allowing Mr Rad to keep the statues as they are an essential part of his contribution. It would appear prudish for Gateway to act so heavily on this matter.”

Mr Rad has admitted he did not have permission to build the garden, which cost in the region of £5,200. CGA have agreed he can keep most items apart from the two statues, a swing which they have structural worries over and electrical wiring which does not have the relevant certification.