Spy’s secret egg worth a fortune?

Treasure: A Faberge egg
Treasure: A Faberge egg
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The descendant of a Preston man suspected to have been a spy today revealed his family could have been left an egg-stremely large fortune – in the shape of a rare Faberge egg.

Dr Maxwell Naesmyth Wilcock, a 6ft 10in giant with size 19 feet, lived in Fishwick Parade and Deepdale Road in Preston in the 1930s and 1940s before embarking on a life of mystery, travelling to far flung places and never telling anyone what he did.

Maxwell Naismith Wilcock in Egpyt

Maxwell Naismith Wilcock in Egpyt

His cousin Robin Maudsley, 61, of Meadow Street, Deepdale, Preston, was stunned when a team of heir hunters contacted him in December 2011 to tell him Max had died in hospital with £13,000 cash stuffed in his pyjamas.

Since then his family have uncovered more and more incredible facts – with the valuable ‘nest egg’, potentially worth millions, the latest twist in the tale.

Two people – Max’s fiancee, Lily Dong, in San Francisco and an elderly woman from Preston who was friends with him – confirmed they had seen him with an ornamnental egg.

Robin says: “I last spoke to Uncle Max in 2009 and he said he wanted to come back to Preston to right a wrong, and to give us something from a safety deposit box in Preston.

“We now think that may have been the egg. I think he had been carrying the egg around with him but on realising its value, put it in a safe in Preston, probably in a bank.

“However it is difficult for us to find out more because he was known by 13 different aliases. He really is an enigma.”

Lily told them about the egg but at first Robin believed it was “just another story”, having heard increasingly bizarre tales about his late relative.

But following Evening Post coverage last year, a woman who knew Max came forward and told Robin about the same egg.

There are only thought to be around 50 Fabergé eggs in the world, with the most famed eggs being the Imperial collections.

Robin said: “If any readers who remember Max can verify anything else about the egg, we would be very grateful.”