Record-breaking hopes for 45lb mega-burger

World record attempt to make the biggest burger at the Bond Hotel in Blackpool
World record attempt to make the biggest burger at the Bond Hotel in Blackpool
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It weighs the same as an average four-year-old and is the size of a satellite dish - a description that probably wouldn’t sell this beefburger if it was listed on a menu.

But the masterminds of the massive meal are hoping it will go down in history as being the UK’s largest beefburger, rather than a best-seller.

Bosses at The Bond Hotel, South Shore, made the 45lbs burger as part of an all-American themed weekend, paying homage to the USA’s favourite meal.

It took 45 minutes of preparation, 30lbs of beef, a 21ins wide bun and 12 hungry customers to complete the eating challenge on Saturday.

Now hotel bosses are hoping it will be classed as a UK record for the biggest burger cooked.

Hotel owner Graham Atkinson said: “It was great fun. Our guests thought it was fantastic, they really enjoyed the night but they just didn’t realise how big it would be. We think we’ve smashed the last record for the biggest burger in the UK, that was 35lbs.”

Mr Atkinson, who worked as a butcher for 22 years before moving to his family-run hotel 10 years ago, had always fancied trying a food challenge.

He added: “I spent a few years making beefburgers myself but I never came across anyone doing anything like this.”

He and head chef Mike Maher called in help from local bakers and meat suppliers, Lain’s Bakery and Choice Meats, to get the rights quantities and qualities and then set about cooking.

Preparation only took the chef around 45 minutes before placing the two patties in the hotel’s industrial ovens to cook for around two hours.

Mr Atkinson said: “It was quite easy really and then there wasn’t a lot left over.”

Mr Maher added: “It was a challenge but it was really good to do and it was very tasty, quite moist. I only had a small bit though.

“Jimmy gave it a good bash but I don’t think anyone could tackle all of that.”

It took a dozen of the hotel’s staff and customers to polish off the burger in total.

Now the hotels has its sights set on more massive dishes.

Mr Maher added: “Hopefully we could do some more, maybe a giant hot dog next time. We’d like to beat a British record.”