Pub that goes bump in the night

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Paranormal Intent team descends on village local to search for signs of spooks, ghosts and ghouls.

As a young girl Jennifer Williamson spent a lot of time at a popular Lancashire pub – because her friend’s parents ran it.

TV Crew filming Paranormal Intent on ADEYS TV at New Hall Tavern in Walton-le-Dale, Preston

TV Crew filming Paranormal Intent on ADEYS TV at New Hall Tavern in Walton-le-Dale, Preston

She recalls several unusual happenings on her regular sleepovers at the New Hall Tavern in Samlesbury, including hearing a little girl singing and footsteps when everyone was sleeping.

As she got older so did the memories of those sleepovers, but when Jennifer, now 28, was put in charge of finding a location of a paranormal investigation as part of series Paranormal Intent she knew the place to film.

Thankfully the pub’s current landlord and landlady Rob and Stella Povall were also up for finding out more.

So the Paranormal Intent team, based in the North West, arrived with their camera crews and specialist equipment to see if there was anything behind the tales.

And although the exact findings will be under wraps until the editing is complete, Jennifer said: “Over the years I started to think maybe we had been winding each other up, it was the middle of the night. But the investigation confirmed a lot of what we thought. I just found it absolutely fascinating – some of the things we caught on camera were so interesting. It was really interesting to be involved.”

The programme currently airs on an American TV channel called Adeys but it started life on You Tube and was picked up by the US channel.

Jack Tyson from the production team said: “We are a North West based paranormal investigation team, We go from location to location where there is known paranormal activity and we investigate it.”

He said a crew of 10 visited the New Hall Tavern complete with a host of equipment including a 3D ghost camera which shows images of ‘stick people’ if anything is picked up in the room and also a ghost box to pick up sounds.

They also used a Ouija board and set up static cameras in parts of the pub – including the cellar.

He said: “We visited beforehand to see what we could find out and we did research online about its history, looking at when it was built, if it has always been a pub. We asked the owners to get people together for interviews so we could find out about anything that had gone on before.”

During the filming the 3D camera picked up an image of a ‘stick man’ in the corner folding his arms and tapping is foot. And they think they also saw a child playing with a ball.

Jack, 22, from Preston, added: “It was quite fascinating. As a whole, mainly from the ghost box and the 3D ghost camera we have got evidence that there is something paranormal in that building.”

The team is still compiling the footage ready for the final episode.

Jack said: “The owners seemed to enjoy it. I have been there as a customers and they said a lot of customers have felt something, like a cool breeze.” Asked what he would say to those who think paranormal activity is nonsense, Jack said: “Check out the show and believe what you want to believe.”

Husband and wife team Stella and Rob have run the pub for the past five years, Stella has worked there on and off since being a teenager.

Rob, 44, said: “We have had investigators in before about three or fours years ago. They found evidence but they weren’t as professional as these guys. There’s a lot of history from over the years. Things have happened to previous landlords and landladies.

“It was very interesting, me and my wife did a Ouija board, which was interesting they said it didn’t work how it should, as in spelling things out, but it was moving me around the table.

“We are very into it all.”