Motorist takes car in for repair - and camera catches mechanic speeding in it at 118mph

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A motorist was horrified when a dashboard camera appeared to reveal a garage worker had driven his car almost double the legal limit - reaching speeds of 118mph.

Wayne Clinning, 42, of Heysham, took his car in for a service and new tyres and also asked workers at the official Ford garage to check the speedometer and the tracking.

Secret camera: Wayne Clinning with his Ford Focus

Secret camera: Wayne Clinning with his Ford Focus

But when he got his Ford Focus ST back he claims half a tank of fuel had been used, so he activated the dashboard camera when he returned the vehicle for more repairs.

He could not believe it when he got back his sporty car and watched footage which appeared to show a mechanic driving his car - reaching speeds of 118mph.

During the 10-minute ‘test drive’ near the garage in Morecambe, the driver also appears to undertake at speed and drive on the wrong side of the road - at 114mph.

The footage - shot on a tiny camera on the central mirror - also looks to show him revving the engine and squeezing past oncoming traffic. When the mechanic gets back to the garage, the audio mic catches him and a colleague rifling through bags in the car.

Garage bosses said they were taking the incident “extremely seriously” and had launched an internal investigation.

Health and safety worker Wayne said: “They were just using and abusing my car, flooring it up and down the motorway.

“They may be doing it to everyone’s cars, and people might not even realise. They have violated my trust, joy-ridden my car and lied to me.”

Pye Motors director Helen Morley-Pye said: “Pye Motors have been trading for ninety years and have always prided ourselves on our customer care and service.

“It was brought to our attention by a customer that he had footage of a member of staff driving his vehicle in excess of the speed limit, taken from a camera in his car.

“As a firm we take any allegation extremely seriously and the incident has been duly investigated with an amicable arrangement reached with Mr Clinnings.

“The member of staff in question has been subject to an internal investigation and dealt with under the terms of our disciplinary procedures.”

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said: “Enquiries are on going at this stage.”