Leyland man felt like a ‘dummy’ while out walking his dog

Shih Tzu Bella
Shih Tzu Bella

A grandad was left dummy-founded by all the attention he was receiving as he walked his dog through town.

Puzzled David Pressler could not understand why folk were laughing, pointing and taking pictures of himself and puppy Bella.

David Pressler with his Shih Tzu Bella

David Pressler with his Shih Tzu Bella

That was until he looked down and saw that the little Shih Tzu had picked up a baby’s dummy and was walking round with it in her mouth.

The incident happened in Leyland town centre to the amusement of onlookers.

David, 79, of Argyle Road, Leyland, likes a bet and walked into Ladbrokes, Towngate, with Bella where staff member Maggie Yates took these photographs. David said of the walk: “They were all laughing at me - I thought ‘are my flies open, or something?’ I’d never noticed this dummy, with having a long lead she was well in front of me - I couldn’t see.

“It was all the way through Leyland, I’d been walking for about half an hour.

“She’s a beggar for picking things up. She wouldn’t part with it. It took me a long time to get it out of her.”

David, who is originally from Chorley, has lived in Leyland for 33 years.

He was a boilermaker on the railways at Horwich and also worked at the BTR factory in Leyland.