Laila's in the pink!

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Getting married in a pink princess dress was the last thing a Preston bride would have wanted until she saw herself in the mirror on her big day.

Laila Walsh, 22, who signed a legal agreement to let her husband-to-be Nick Miller, 25, organise their wedding day, was "gobsmacked" when she saw the effort he had put in.

And she admits she was pleasantly surprised her designs on a little chic dress were thrown out of the window.

The couple, from Ashton, were chosen to star in reality TV series Don't Tell the Bride, where a groom is given 12,000 to organise his wedding, with no involvement from the bride, in just three weeks.

A spokesman for the programme said the couple had had to put their wedding plans on hold because of having a child, Lara, who is nearly two years old.

In the programme, the first in the second series, Nick goes through a series of dilemmas over the dress, saying Laila wanted it to be "minimal and sexy".

But he gets convinced by the bridal shop manager to go for a traditional pink princess style dress.

There is also a questions of whether they would get permission to get married in a Catholic church and his ability to stick to the budget.

A spokesman said: "He wants to have a helicopter ride, but then realises that he doesn't have enough money to pay for the bridesmaids' dresses.

"Then the best man forgets to organise the bridal transport to the church."

The programme will be aired on BBC3 on Tuesday at 9pm.

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